Momentum of martyr SKD not converted to MOVEMENT for WHISTLEBLOWERS by SKDF

Very intersting article by Dhananjay K Dubey who is himself involved with the “corrupt SKDF” “Ashutosh Aman Mishra” Kalyan Panda” and “Atal Bansal” NOW ?

What my brother died for: a country where the honest need no protection

What my brother died for: a country where the honest need no protection

WHY DHANANJAY DUBEY supporting Corrupt SKDF, Ashutosh Aman Mishra, Kalyan Panda and Atal Bansal ?

Is the PROMOISE of MONEY from the DOCUMENTARY FILM to DHANANJAY has made him to support the CORRUPTNESS of SKDF USA ?  Dhananjay's Brother martyr SKD gave his life for the NATION for the reason to stop CORRUPTION in INDIA.

Even inspite of ASHUTOSH AMAN MISHRA wrote to Sucheta Dalal that SKDF USA belongs to him and it is nothing to do with martyr SKD, DHANANJAY is supporting CORRUPTNESS and CROOKEDNESS of ASHUTOSH AMAN MISHRA and SKDF USA.

DHANANJAY, brother of martyr SKD can't fill in the shoes of martyr SKD at all, the way he is supporting CORRUPT SKDF !!

DHANANJAY's brother martyr SKD gave his life for PRINCIPLES !! Now DHANANJAY does not worry about PRINCIPLES at all the way he is supporting CORRUPT SKDF and ASHUTOSH AMAN MISHRA, because of MONETARY PROMISES and DOCUMENTARY FILM made by SKDF USA to DHANANJAY.


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What my brother died for: a country where the honest need no protection

What my brother died for: a country where the honest need no protection

Decemebr 20 2005

India, the world’s biggest democracy, is not just a nation of over a hundred crore people

but also an embodiment

of their identity, their rich cultural heritage, unfailing endeavours,

ever-increasing technical prowess,

impeccable determination and strengthening infrastructure and economy.

India today is empowered.

Our nation is no more the one it was, a hundred years ago, ruled by the British.

We have an admirable Constitutional set-up—Legislature, Executive,

Judiciary—to take decisions and look after the welfare of the nation,

the welfare of all Indians.

Now, the question arises. When we, as a nation, are empowered to take decisions,

when we have legal authority to decide for ourselves and for our people,

then why is there so much of anarchy all around?

The country seems to have been dumped into the hell of corruption.

We hear of scams, the indispensable bribe at each stage of government machinery,

the lawlessness, the nexus between politicians and criminals, the corrupt bureaucracy,

the distortion of the level playing field, the triumph of mediocrity over excellence…

the list is endless. Why this? It’s high time we start introspecting.

Introspect and you will realise the high ideals we set for ourselves 58 years ago.

A virtuous vision was framed and so was our Constitution.

India was declared a Sovereign, Socialist, Secular, Democratic and

a Republic state ensuring Justice—economic, social, political; Liberty—of thought,

expression, belief, faith and worship; Equality—of status and opportunity and promoting fraternity.

I really doubt if our policy makers, the leaders of various political parties,

the so-called guardians of our Constitution, know the meaning of these words

which describe the identity and ideology of our nation.

Introspect and you will see images of people like Mahatma Gandhi, Lal Bahadur Shastri,

Sardar Vallabh Bhai Patel, Pandit Nehru, Subhash Chandra Bose,

Dr Rajendra Prasad flashing through your mind—leaders who laid the

foundation of independent India on the building blocks of patriotism,

honesty, hard work, faith, selflessness and courage.

It was their courage that helped them cross the unsurmountable hurdles,

swim against the current (the imperialist British rule) and win an independent

nation for us and restore our pride and respect.

But what can I say about today? What is the reward for honest,

courageous and selfless national service by people like my brother,

Satyendra Dubey, and Manjunath? Brutal murders,

endless tears in the eyes of parents, the family and loved ones.

And then starts the drama of promises and retribution.

The world starts praising, giving awards (posthumously) but who works

to eradicate ‘‘corruption’’, that brutal murderer? No doubt

we have come a long way since Independence.

The standard of living has risen, there are technological advancements,

the country is striving to achieve economic stability. We are a developing

nation which is empowered to frame its foreign and national policies keeping

in mind the interests of its people. But so long as power is vested in the hands

of leaders who are drenched in corruption and hypocrisy, the outcome

will always be the heart-rending deaths of our IITians, IIM students and

many more unheard and unknown sons of our motherland.

Why is today’s youth so frustrated and directionless?

What is the reason for brain drain?

Why does an honest officer face several transfer orders

until he’s dumped in an unworthy office? Who are the role

models for today’s young generation?

Why are Silicon Valleys not in India itself?

Why are anti-social forces thriving?

It’s high time we introspect.

All prevalent problems point to the same direction—

the depth to which corruption has seeped into our system,

weakening its very roots. Our vision of empowered India refers to

empowerment at each and every level—the empowerment of every Indian.

Every Indian should be empowered to work with honesty and to seek safety.

Our present education system needs to be reformed.

Instead of changing the school syllabus to match ideologies and

whims and fancies of every passing government,

we must try to elevate facilities in schools as well as

research institutes to international standards. Raising educational standards

will not only increase the literacy rate but also reflect on the scientific and

technological advancements of our nation. As we watch tears rolling down a

mother’s eye, it is time we realise the need to give up selfish motives and

work towards a better India. An India free from corruption, free from

racial prejudices, no more stained by the blood of her devoted sons.

Where the brother of a Satyendra Dubey has pride,

not only anger to assuage his grief.

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Commercial Interest Of Kalyan Panda was evident from the very beginning in SKDF. Ashutosh Aman Mishra and Atal Bansal forgot the MESSAGE of martyr SKD

Commercial Interest Of Kalyan Panda was evident from the very beginning.

He was interested in Film making than posting the Satyendra Dubey letter in easy to down load and printable format. And circulate it free all over the world.

Ravinder Singh

Forwarded Message [ Download File | Save to Yahoo! Briefcase ]

Date: Mon, 29 Dec 2003 23:35:05 -0800 (PST)
From: "R Singh" <>

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Dear Friends,

It is much more important to the world know the issues of corruption raised by Sh Dubey.

The letter which exposed the corruption be mailed to all, be available as Word or PDF document, – colleges, associations involved in anti-corruption activities which explains everything. Some news channels have covered the story reasonably well, it for us to go after the corrupt and corruption and others to stand up.

His letter shall inspire all young engineers.

best wishes


kalyan panda <> wrote:


for transmission I require either VHS Cassette or VCD 

DVD will also do



Vijit Nair <> wrote:

Dear Mr. Panda

I am in the process of preparing a short documentary on the life and work of Shri Dubeyji. I shall try to get it by 2-3 jan and probably u will be able to broadcast it to ur viewers. It may be about 2-3 mins in Macromedia Flash. Is there anything specific that i have to keep in mind for i do not know bout what u guys need such transmission.

I will give u a call soon and we acn decide details if any..

----- Original Message -----
From: kalyan panda
Sent: Sunday, December 28, 2003 1:54 PM
Subject: contact

Dear Sir Mr. Anand has given yr id to contact
I am a cable tv consultant in Mumbai

Yahoo! India Mobile: Ringtones, Wallpapers, Picture Messages and more. Download now.



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Make use of SKDF funds to get JUSTICE for SKD and not DOCUMENTARY to make money for Ashutosh Aman Mishra, Kalyan Panda and Atal Bansal

IITIans wrote:

Avenge Dubey's death: continue his work: expose the loot at NHAI 

Film On S.K. Dubey- Sacrifice And Cover Up


Dear Dhananjay,

You have to take charge of SKDF affairs otherwise the crooks will come up with a documentary that shall be even more embarrassing than the cover up of “Great loot of public money”.


The three snakes are collecting money for the documentary and have not stopped exploiting SKD. AA is providing the script, AB is shooting and KP is acting in the film. 


Have they submitted the script before Dubey family for approval?


Film on SKD in present times may also include the abuse and cover up post sacrifice.


'The whole world’s money was not enough to buy off my brother,’ – Dhanajay K. Dubey–


—but three snakes sold his last wish dirt-cheap.


Ravinder Singh




Foundation released latest financial information. It is available at

Note that the foundation is working towards a documentary on Satyendra and WBs. Initial estimate of the documentary is around USD 8,000. The documentary is being produced in India. The foundation is looking for sponsors in India and Abroad. Please contact the Foundation if you or any of your contact/friend/company will be willing to sponsor the documentary. To keep the process transparent, please copy your message to this yahoogroup as well.

If you are living abroad, you can donate towards the
documentary via the donation page. Please clearly earmark the purpose of your donation.

If you are in India and you are willing to sponsor, please get in touch with the foundation at

to discuss the details. We can arrange for the direct payment towards the documentary.

Ashutosh Aman
S K Dubey Foundation, Inc.

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Rediff coverage of Dubey Case not used to get JUSTICE and PUNISH the KILLERS of SKD by Ashutosh Aman Mishra, Atal Bansal and SKDF

S K Dubey's Murder: Complete Coverage

September 13, 2005

Dubey murder accused escapes

January 13, 2005

Charges filed in Satyendra Dubey murder case

October 27, 2004

Bihar college named after Satyendra Dubey

September 29, 2004

Case against NHAI project director named by Satyendra Dubey

September 03, 2004

CBI files charge sheet in Dubey murder case

March 12, 2004

Dubey case: SC notice to CBI, Centre, Bihar government

March 03, 2004

Centre okays security plan for Golden Quadrilateral Project

February 05, 2004

Dubey case: CBI rules out change of officials

February 04, 2004

Dubey case: 'Suicides hampering CBI probe'

February 02, 2004

Dubey case: FIR against CBI officials
Dubey case: CBI denies hand in suicides

January 06, 2004

Satyendra Dubey killed for resisting robbers: Accused

January 05, 2004

SC notice to PMO, Centre, Bihar govt on Dubey

December 28, 2003

CBI detains one person in Dubey murder case

December 18, 2003

Patna HC to monitor security on highway project in Bihar

December 16, 2003

CBI team in Gaya to probe Dubey's murder

December 14, 2003

CBI begins probe in Dubey case

December 12, 2003

Hearing of PIL on Satyendra Dubey on Jan 5

December 11, 2003

Govt denies leaking Dubey's identity
Bihar submits highway security plan
'How will you ensure smooth completion of Golden Quadrilateral Project?'

December 10, 2003

Why wasn't Dubey protected: NHRC

December 9, 2003

CBI to probe Dubey case: PM
Narayana Murthy calls for probe into Satyendra Dubey's murder
Dubey murder figures in Parliament

December 5, 2003

Bihar govt wakes up to IITian's murder


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Express Coverage not used by Ashutosh Aman Mishra and Atal Bansal of SKDF to get JUSTICE for martyr SKD


Blowing the whistle in real life
Satyendra Dubey, a brave engineer was shot dead because he blew the whistle on the rampant corruption in the Golden Quadrilatera…

Dubey probably right, experts on job: CBI to SC
More than 15 months after Satyendra Dubey's murder, the CBI has sought the help of experts to technically scrutinise the very is…

Global report on corruption opens with Dubey tribute
The story of Satyendra Dubey, the NHAI engineer who died fighting corruption in a Bihar stretch of the Golden Quadrilateral high…

Dubey case: Charges framed against 4
A local court here has framed charges against all four accused in the case of the murder of NHAI engineer Satyendra Dubey….

Govt fudges facts, tells the apex court: Dubey never asked for secrecy
Eight months after Satyendra Dubey's murder, the Government comes up with the astounding claim that he did not ask for his ident…

CBI nabs another in Dubey case, claims he's one who pulled trigger
Believing they may have the man who pulled the trigger to murder Satyendra Dubey, the CBI today took into custody a 20-year-old …
Dubey was right, says CBI, has fresh corruption evidence
A full year after his murder? tomorrow is the first anniversary of the death of the young NHAI engineer who complained to the Pr…

'Murder for robbery case trial to begin any day now'
One key witness is still missing, two mystery deaths are yet to be explained and the CBI says the trial in what it calls the mur…

Meanwhile, stretch he was working on remains grounded
A full year after Satyendra Dubey's murder, the GQ stretch, where he worked, continues to languish. And the delays are both beca…

Family carries on a crusade unfinished
Phulwati Devi, mother of slain NHAI engineer Satyendra Dubey, has lived the longest year in her life but time seems to have heal…

After Dubey
Finally, CBI will file first corruption case acting on Dubey letter
The Central Bureau of Investigation may have filed chargesheets claiming Satyendra Dubey was killed because the accused wanted t…
Dubey whistle falls on CBI ears, raids on
Maintaining it would ??look into each and every allegation and complaint made by Satyendra Dubey,'' the CBI today registered a c…

Robbing Dubey
The dead share no secrets but the murdered often leave behind clues. In narrowing Satyendra Dubey's killing to a case of petty r…

Robbery charge in, PIL asks SC: probe Dubey's complaint
The CBI may crow over the robbery chargesheet it filed in the Satyendra Dubey case in Patna today delinking his murder from his …

CBI is ready with 'murder-for-robbery' Dubey chargesheet
Pushing forward its murder-for-robbery claim, the CBI is ready with its chargesheet in the Satyendra Dubey murder case and will …
Sixth accomplice in Dubey murder held
The CBI today arrested the sixth person allegedly involved in the murder of National Highways Authority of India's project offic…

Claiming Dubey case 'cracked,' CBI says corruption now focus
The prime witness is still missing, the mystery deaths of two suspects still unsolved and the CBI has admitted that it has evide…

The Dubey case, so far
The Central Bureau of Investigation has just rounded up four men in connection with Satyendra Dubey's murder. We welcome the imp…

One of the four is don whose phone booth CBI used in probe
Rajesh Meher, alias Babloo, one of the four arrested last night by the CBI in connection with the Satyendra Dubey murder, was th…

CBI arrests 4 in Dubey murder, says it's working to find motive
Months after a prime witness went missing and two died in mysterious circumstances, the CBI has rounded up four men in connectio…


CBI picks up 3 more in Dubey case
The CBI special team, camping in Gaya in connection with the investigation of the Satyendra Dubey murder case, picked up three m…

CVC to protect whistle-blowers: Govt to SC
The Centre has agreed to make the CVC the sole authority to protect ??brave persons'' like Satyendra Dubey who expose corruption…

A candle in the dark
It had to take the tragic murder of a promising IIT-trained engineer to prod us into grappling with a crucial, if completely ove…

So Dubey was right, CBI confirms his corruption complaints
The CBI may have made little progress in solving the murder of IIT engineer Satyendra Dubey?it announced a Rs 1-lakh award this …

Few takers for CBI's Rs 2.5 cr
WILL the announcement of cash awards help CBI nab killers of Satyendra Dubey or thieves of Tagore's Nobel medal? The answer is a…

Dubey nominated for global Whistleblower award by UK magazine
Murdered NHAI engineer Satyendra Kumar Dubey, who was killed after he complained of corruption in a Bihar stretch of the Golden …

Accepting IPI award for Gujarat, Express announces Dubey fellowship at IIT Kanpur
Accepting the first International Press Institute India award for Outstanding Work in Journalism, The Indian Express said it wou…

Does India have a conscience?
Now that we are well into 2004, the time is ripe for introspection ? to look at the state of India. The murder of Satyendra Dube…

Latest in Dubey probe: twin suicides could be twin murders
Exactly a week after ??double suicides'' rocked the Satyendra Dubey murder probe, police and investigators are veering around to…

We are now looking into mafia hand in Dubey murder: CBI
Backing his team to the hilt, CBI director U S Misra today said the death of two suspects in the Satyendra Dubey murder case had…

His team running for cover, CBI chief in Gaya
Haunted by the recent ??suicides'' of two men questioned by it in the Satyendra Dubey murder case, the CBI today asserted here t…

Dubey PIL to ask for probe; Bihar turns on the heat
With two suspects in the Satyendra Dubey murder case dead, there's growing criticism in Bihar over the manner the CBI has handle…

Curiouser and curiouser
There are two important aspects to the killing of Satyendra Dubey, the NHAI engineer, in November, which need to be reiterated. …

Now two suicides blow up in CBI's Dubey face
A key eyewitness gone missing after interrogation. And now in a bizarre twist, two suspects kill themselves a day after interrog…

CBI turned all stones to get witness, now say we have no idea
Present whereabouts of Pradeep, the rickshaw-puller, is not known to CBI…His statement was recorded and after that the witness…

At scene of the crime, his wife waits, CBI staff contradict their bosses
The CBI's official version finds hardly an echo in Gaya, where Satyendra Dubey was murdered. Everybody here, including CBI offic…

Witness to Dubey murder was with CBI, agency now says we don't know where he is
After bringing him from Gaya to New Delhi, interrogating him, keeping him ??informally'' for almost two weeks, the CBI now claim…

Return of the JP movement?
The avalanche of anger and anguish at the assassination of Satyendra Dubey of NHAI for exposing corruption is taking concrete sh…

IIT-Bombay to raise Rs 15 lakh for Dubey family
Satyendra Kumar Dubey ? an engineer with the golden-quadrilateral highway project ? couldn't have been bought over if the world'…

'My father paid for his principles with his life. I am proud of him'
The murder of Satyendra Dubey, whistleblower in Bihar's Golden Quadrilateral scandal, has been the trigger for an unusual emotio…

Dubey: SC puts Centre and state
The Supreme Court today issued notices to the Centre and Bihar Government on a PIL seeking protection to whistle blowers in the …

'Satyendra lived up to his name'
The murder of Satyendra Dubey brings out the sheer horror of corruption in India. On the pages of Indian Express we have read of…

'Please don't make this an India vs IIT issue'
The murder of Satyendra Dubey, whistleblower in Bihar's Golden Quadrilateral scandal, has triggered a fire that refuses to die d…

'His sacrifice should initiate a movement'
The murder of Satyendra Dubey, whistleblower in Bihar's Golden Quadrilateral scandal, continues to draw letters. Some readers ha…

'I urge you all not to let my bhaiya's sacrifice go in vain'
The murder of Satyendra Dubey, whistleblower in Bihar's Golden Quadrilateral scandal, continues to draw letters. Some readers ha…

CBI says it's got 2nd witness who saw Dubey being killed
Exactly a month after the murder of IIT graduate and National Highway Authority of India officer Satyendra Dubey, the CBI has in…

'Brother's ideals yes, but govt work, no'
The disbelief has given way to acceptance, but as they try to pick up the pieces of their shattered life, it is disillusionment …

System and the citizens
The murder of Satyendra Dubey, whistleblower in Bihar's Golden Quadrilateral scandal, continues to draw letters. Some readers ha…

The whistle echoes
It seems Satyendra Dubey's story touches someone new everyday. This week, the ECONOMIST retold the tale of the young engineer wi…
He blew the whistle, we hear the sound
Despite popular perception, a majority of IITians do stay on in India. Look around and you will see them in key leadership posit…

'India needs a constitutional body to fight corruption'
The murder of Satyendra Dubey, whistleblower in Bihar's Golden Quadrilateral scandal, continues to draw letters. Some readers ha…

'A bright spark is doused out'
Satyendra Dubey, the young NHAI engineer who wrote confidentially to the PMO about corruption in the Golden Quadrilateral projec…

Dubey caught again in govt vs Opp politics
The government today turned the tables on the Opposition and charged it with ??distorting facts'' and ??politicising'' the murde…

Dubey was Here
Three Sundays ago, we broke the story of how Satyendra Dubey was killed after his cover was blown. Public outrage prodded the go…

'Ostracise the corrupt and unprincipled from all spheres of public life'
The murder of Satyendra Dubey, the IIT-trained NHAI engineer who complained to the PMO of corruption in the building of the Gold…

'Award Dubey the Ashok Chakra'
The murder of Satyendra Dubey, the IIT-trained NHAI engineer who complained to the PMO of corruption in the building of the Gold…

Let's own that whistle
The death of Satyendra Dubey, who had complained of corruption on the Golden Quadrilateral project to the PMO, has sparked off p…

Whose life is it anyway?
The tragic case of Satyendra Dubey, a young and promising life lost in the performance of his duty, poses once again the questio…

' Thousands of Dubeys have suffered fighting corruption '
The murder of Satyendra Dubey, the IIT-trained NHAI engineer who complained to the PMO of corruption in the building of the Gold…

Dubey enforces our belief in human values
The murder of Satyendra Dubey, the IIT-trained NHAI engineer who wrote to the PMO complaining of corruption in the building of t…

Opp demand: get us whistleblower law, go and nail Dubey's killers
The government was put on the dock today as Opposition members in the Rajya Sabha demanded a comprehensive statement from the Mi…

'We want firm action, not just reassurances'
The murder of Satyendra Dubey, the IIT-trained NHAI engineer who wrote to the PMO complaining of corruption in the building of t…

Dubey: CBI files FIR, leaving for Bihar
The Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) today registered an FIR taking over the murder case of Satyendra Dubey, the National H…

First step forward: cops track Dubey's cellphone, live after his murder
Sixteen days after Satyendra Dubey was murdered, the police recovered his Panasonic cellphone yesterday from a rickshaw-puller's…

'My wife is waiting for death to carry her to our beloved son'
His son, too, was an IITian, a young govt officer killed in Bihar because he laid down the law. In a letter to The Sunday Expres…

Please, no U-turns in this dream
This week I am going to play Devil's Advocate. I am going to speak up for the National Highway Authority of India (NHAI) which b…

'Let his be the last sacrifice, and a rallying point for this fight against corruption'
The murder of Satyendra Dubey, the IIT-trained NHAI engineer who wrote to the PMO complaining of corruption in the building of t…

'Judiciary should ensure justice for Dubey'
The murder of Satyendra Dubey, the IIT-trained NHAI engineer who wrote to the PMO complaining of corruption in the building of t…

HC tightens screws further: start plan to protect from today
An unrelenting Patna High Court today directed the Bihar government to implement with immediate effect its plan providing securi…

HC slams Bihar: He was killed for being honest, you say no problem?
On the orders of the Patna High Court, which has taken up a petition on the Satyendra Dubey murder case, the Bihar government to…

Dubey's parent dept says we did no wrong
Two days after the Prime Minister said that action would be taken against those responsible for the murder of Satyendra Dubey ??…

Wisdom of the helmsman
The wisdom of the wise, they say, is an uncommon degree of common sense. Prime Minister Vajpayee's response to the Satyendra Dub…

Dubey murder sends fear travelling down his highway stretch
No one took Satyendra Dubey seriously when he blew the whistle on the goings-on along the Aurangabad-Barachatti stretch of the G…

Did Dubey sacrifice in vain? Mumbai looks for answers
He lived died 1,625 km away in Gaya. And Satyendra Dubey's story has left people in Mumbai angry. Citizens gathered for the firs…

'Al Capone in India'
Reproduced are extracts from the order issued by Chief Justice Ravi S. Dhavan and Justice Shashank Kumar Singh. Its language spe…

Kudos to Murthy
Kudos to N.R. Narayana Murthy (Infosys chief to PM: Probe, speak to family, get Whistleblower Act, December 9) for speaking his …

Chorus: we shall sign the whistleblower Bill
The unrelenting public outrage over the murder of Satyendra Dubey following The Indian Express coverage of the tragedy, has fina…

Finally, NHRC steps in
On the eve of the World Human Rights Day, the National Human Rights Commission (NHRC) decided to find out whether ??the State fa…

PM speaks: Guilty won't be spared, wherever they are
In his first reaction to the murder of IIT Kanpur engineer Satyendra Dubey who was working on his ??dream highway project,'' Pri…

Infosys Murthy to PM: Probe, speak to family, get whistleblower law
Let Satyendra Dubey's murder be the ??last such tragedy in the country'' Infosys founder and chief mentor N R Narayana Murthy sa…

Calling justice
Stories like Satyendra Dubey's sadden every Indian who would like his country to be a super power some day. I feel the PM should…

'Had Govt acted on our draft whistleblower Bill, passed law, Dubey wouldn't have died'
One law he drafted, the Prevention of Terrorism Act (POTA), made the Government hold a rare joint session for the first time in …

Aurangabad MP wants LS to take up Dubey murder
Shyama Singh, Congress MP from Aurangabad in Bihar, has served notice for a calling attention motion on the killing of NHAI mana…

On murder night, Dubey vehicle didn't move and a likely witness disappeared
Despite the clamour for justice, Bihar waited for a full nine days to announce a CBI probe into the Satyendra Dubey murder case….

Supreme sacrifice
It is indeed exemplary in this day and age that somebody has given the supreme sacrifice to expose corruption,readers' response …

Clues put sleuths on road to Gaya
As the police struggle to piece together the story of Satyendra Dubey's murder at Gaya, there are some missing links ? and there…

And now they speak: Joshi says protect the Dubeys
Union HRD Minister Murli Manohar Joshi said today that ??people like Satyendra Dubey'' need to be protected. For, if incidents l…

Police chief's whistle makes Laloo restless
While the public outcry from across the world over whistle-blower Satyendra Dubey's murder in Bihar following a series of report…

Body politics has begun: your mafia vs your leak
After one week of silence despite the growing clamour for justice, the Bihar government today recommended a CBI probe into the S…
If only Dubey knew: it was Vajpayee who inspired a Whistle Blower law for India
Don't tell this to Satyendra Dubey's family. One full year before he blew the whistle on the Prime Minister's showpiece project …

'My identity has been leaked, Sir, this disclosure has exposed me to undesirable pressures, threats'
If you were outraged that the government did not honour Satyendra Kumar Dubey's request for secrecy when he blew the whistle, ta…

Dubey's Boss breaks silence: he was honest, Bihar is to blame
Finally, Satyendra Dubey's Boss, Union Minister for Road Transport & Highways B C Khanduri has broken his silence to say tha…

PIL enters SC to protect Dubeys
A Delhi-based lawyer, Rakesh Upadhyay, has filed a PIL urging the Supreme Court to deal with the legal issues raised by the trag…

Satyendra jayate
There is something about the Satyendra Dubey story that highlights the best and worst in us. That gives rise, almost simultaneou…

'Satyendra's murderers are like terrorists'
On November 30, The Indian Express reported how Satyendra Dubey, a young NHAI engineer, wrote confidentially to the PMO about co…

Bihar DGP says Dubey's honesty angered the mafia
One full week after Satyendra Dubey's murder and four days after The Sunday Express expose on how this IIT Kanpur whistleblower'…

On counting day, what's 1 dead man?
The Union Government which is his employer, the state in which he was working, the major political parties, all are still silent…

Please wake up: angry IIT chorus
With no official word from either the state or the Centre on what it plans to do for justice in the murder of IIT Kanpur graduat…

Dubey stink: Govt's own report shows something rotten
The Government's stand on Satyendra Dubey's complaint to the Prime Minister isn't known yet?except for Union Minister B C Khandu…

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Defending the whistle-blower – martyr SKD let down by Ashutosh Aman Mishra and Atal Bansal in SKDF. Did not follow up the Dubey Case with any authorities and advised to block the CBI Investigation.

Defending the whistle-blower

in New Delhi

The Supreme Court prompts the government to draft a resolution seeking to protect whistle-blowers.

A CONDITION that can encourage corruption is the absence of mechanisms by which instances of fraud and malpractice can be brought to light by a public spirited person, without risking his or her interest or safety. Such a person, a `whistle-blower' in legal parlance, needs institutional protection against victimisation by the target of his or her action. Ensuring the anonymity of the whistle-blower, therefore, is essential for any such mechanism to be meaningful.


P. Shankar, Chief Vigilance Commissioner.

The murder of Satyendra Dubey, a young engineer working for the National Highways Authority of India (NHAI), on November 29, 2003, after he confidentially complained against the corrupt practices in the execution of the Prime Minister's Golden Quadrilateral road project in Bihar, came as a stark reminder of the absence of such a mechanism. He had sent a memorandum to the Prime Minister's Office complaining of corruption in the construction of the highway in Bihar, with a copy to the chairman of the NHAI with a specific request that his identity be not disclosed as he feared for his life (Frontline, February 27, 2004). He wrote again to the Chairman complaining that his identity had been leaked to the authorities concerned. After a few days Satyendra Dubey was found dead with bullet injuries.

While the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) is investigating the murder, two public interest petitioners sought the Supreme Court's directions for the immediate creation of a mechanism to protect whistle-blowers. The petitioners also sought a proper probe into Satyendra Dubey's murder and the various allegations of corruption in the project. On April 21, under pressure from the Supreme Court Bench comprising Justices Ruma Pal and P.V. Reddy, which heard the public interest litigation on the Dubey murder case, the National Democratic Alliance government announced an interim arrangement to protect whistle-blowers, pending the enactment of a law. The Ministry of Personnel, Public Grievances and Pensions notified a resolution, empowering the Central Vigilance Commissioner (CVC) to act on the complaints of whistle-blowers and to protect them.

Through the resolution, the government authorised the CVC to act as the `designated agency' to receive written complaints of corruption or misuse of office and recommend appropriate action. The jurisdiction of the CVC in this regard is restricted to any employee of the Central government or public sector companies. Personnel employed by State governments will not come under its purview.

The CVC has announced that it has the responsibility of keeping the identity of the complainant secret, even though it cannot stop the complainant himself from disclosing his identity or making the complaint public. Therefore, it asked the would-be complainants to comply with certain requirements:

* The complaint should be in a closed/secured envelope;

* The envelope should be superscribed "Complaint under The Public Interest Disclosure" and the complainant's name and address should not be written on the envelope, but in an attached letter along with the complaint;

* The Commission will not entertain anonymous complaints;

* The text of the complaint should be carefully drafted so as not to give any details or clue about the complainant's identity. However, the details of the complaint should be specific and verifiable;

* Whistle-blowers are advised not to enter into any correspondence with the Commission seeking acknowledgement, which it will not issue, as a precaution; however, the Commission will get in touch with the complainant if any clarification is required. The CVC, under the resolution, is also expected to ascertain from the complainant whether he or she was the person who made the complaint.

THE CVC, however, warned that it could take action against complainants making motivated or vexatious complaints. The resolution says that in case the designated agency (the CVC) finds the complaint to be motivated or vexatious, it shall be at liberty to take appropriate steps. However, the resolution is silent on how the agency would find out whether a complaint is motivated or vexatious, or what "appropriate steps" it would to take against the complainant in such cases.

The resolution admits that the government is examining The Public Interest Disclosure and Protection of Informers' Bill, 2002, drafted by the Law Commission and annexed to its 179th report. Section 16 of the draft Bill is more specific: "Any person who makes any disclosure which was false to his knowledge or reckless or malicious, shall be punishable with imprisonment for a term which may extend up to three years and also to fine which may extend up to Rs.50,000." But neither the Law Commission's report nor its draft Bill throws any light on how the designated authority can find out the genuineness of the complaint. The report, on the contrary, adds that it will not be constitutionally or even otherwise permissible to punish a person merely because the facts and allegations mentioned in the disclosure could not be proved in the inquiry conducted by the `competent authority'. It is possible to suggest that the draft Bill and the resolution have granted the "designated authority" unjustifiable discretion in this matter, which could discourage a potential whistle-blower.


A sketch of Satyendra Dubey during a march organised in his memory in New Delhi. The resolution is an improvement on the draft Bill to the extent that it guarantees confidentiality to the whistle-blower, whereas the Bill seeks to empower the designated agency to determine whether the whistle-blower's identity needs to be kept a secret. However, the resolution suffers from another serious incongruity: it says that only if the designated agency is of the opinion that either the complainant or the witnesses need protection, it shall issue appropriate directions to the authorities concerned. The designated agency has to be "convinced" about the need for the whistle-blower's protection.

One major lacuna in the resolution is it does not make the recommendation of the CVC binding on the government. The CVC, either as a result of his discreet inquiry or on the basis of the complaint itself, may find substance in the allegations of corruption. It could use the Central Bureau of Investigation or the police authorities to investigate the complaint. In that event, the CVC could only "recommend appropriate action" to the government department or the organisation concerned against the guilty official. The punitive action could include redress of the loss caused to the government, initiation of criminal proceedings, and corrective measures to prevent recurrence of such cases. The CVC, P. Shankar, has deplored this aspect of the resolution, as, in his view, the Commissioner needs sanction before he can order prosecution. Yet, he has called the resolution a good beginning.

The exclusion of Ministers and other government functionaries from the ambit of the resolution has dismayed observers, who have questioned the assumption that there cannot be any whistle-blowing against the excluded functionaries.

Entrusting the CVC as the `designated authority' under the resolution is itself debatable, considering the fact that the limited powers they enjoy have constrained their performance.

There is a political consensus on the need for legislation to protect whistle-blowers. Sadly, however, the NDA government neither had the time nor the political will to debate and enact the Law Commission's draft Bill which was submitted to it in December 2001. Proper legislation could have saved the life of Dubey.

With the resolution, India has joined the select band of four democracies protecting whistle-blowers: the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia and New Zealand. As and when Parliament enacts a law to replace the resolution, it will get an opportunity to debate afresh problems arising out of the perceived deficiencies in the draft Bill and the resolution and set them right by learning from the experience of the countries that have similar laws.

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INDIA: Satyendra Dubey steals BBC show- with all this exposure to martyr SKD Case, IITians Ashutosh Aman Mishra and Atal Bansal in SKDF did not get JUSTICE for martyr SKD yet !!

INDIA: Satyendra Dubey steals BBC



Satyendra Dubey, the man is dead. But Sateyndra Dubey, the issue, is very much alive and the slain engineer of the National Highway Authority of India, on Tuesday, virtually stole the BBC roadshow to emerge as the focal point of the resistance against corruption and dishonesty

The Times of India
Thursday, March 25, 2004

GAYA: Satyendra Dubey, the man is dead. But Sateyndra Dubey, the issue, is very much alive and the slain engineer of the National Highway Authority of India, on Tuesday, virtually stole the BBC roadshow to emerge as the focal point of the resistance against corruption and dishonesty.

BBC, as part of its ongoing campaign to boost Hindi listenership, organised a roadshow at Gaya on Thursday and the question put by the broadcasting giant for its listeners was — "Kya Imandari Apradh Hai?" (Is honesty a crime?). Again and again, the slain NHAI engineer came for reference by the ordinary radio listeners, who, either showcased Dubey as the ultimate example of honesty and uprightness or cautioned the honest persons about the impending dangers.

Surendra Pathak, a social activist, said that the inference being drawn that honesty is a crime was inherently wrong, as Dubey was not a criminal. His assassins were criminals. Dubey, in fact, set an example for others to follow.

Rustic-looking BBC bugs, quite a few of whom cycled to the roadshow from far off villages, delivered some homilies without any sugar-coating to make the discussion interesting.

Nishat Anjum, one of the four local panelists for the BBC, prescribed education as the remedy for corruption. The suggestion was greeted by a loud protest as many radio listeners, in virtual chorus, said, "Parhe lkhe log ziyada bhrasht aur beiman hote hain. Dusron ko bhi beiman banate hain" . Anuradha Pritam, the BBC anchor, too, joined the issue, saying that in many cases even degrees and certificates were fraudulently obtained. Later, Anjum clarified that she was talking of moral education.

Izhar Khan of Dumaria said: "In our family life, most of us are honest, but when it comes to the discharge of social and official functions, dishonesty creeps in." Rinki Kumar, a student, said that dishonesty can not be brought under check so long as the society does not shun the dishonest and gathers the courage to call a spade a spade.

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Satyendra Dubey Murder Case – Full Coverage – martyr SKD let down by Ashutosh Aman Mishra and Atal Bansal with their A B C D E F H I in SKDF.

Satyendra Dubey Murder Case – Full Coverage

 “We have adopted the words “Satyameva Jayate” as a guiding principle. But if truth has to triumph, we must first ensure that it does not kill………Satyendra Kumar Dubey could have chosen to keep quiet, like the majority of young professionals of this country. He could have continued doing his job as a deputy general manager in the Centre’s National Highway Authority of India (NHAI) and shut his eyes to the variegated ways in which a prestigious project – Instead Dubey opted to do the right thing by alerting the PMO to these developments because he believed the project was of “unparalleled importance to the nation”. He paid with his life for having done so”  – Indian Express 

Full Coverage:

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And he wrote: If you die, go so quietly that no one gets to know
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Bihar govt wakes up to IITian's murder Rediff Dec 05

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IIT engineer stood up to highway corruption, shot dead in Bihar IExpress, Nov 27

Petition to the Prime Minister of India
Demand for Full Inquiry and Justice in Murder of Satyendra Dubey for his Fight Against Corruption

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Satyendra Dubey- Death Of A Whistleblower By Sucheta Dalal, but Ashutosh Aman Mishra and Atal Bansal in SKDF let down martyr SKD not following the MESSAGE of SKD.

Satyendra Dubey– Death Of A Whistleblower

By Sucheta Dalal
10 December, 2003
At midnight on Friday, there were 15,000 signatures to the petition-on-line demanding full inquiry and justice in the murder of IIT engineer Satyendra Dubey. By 11 am the next morning, another 1,100 people had added their names to the protest. The petition ——perl/signed.cgi/sdubey ) has been posted on dozens of web sites and forwarded by scores of Yahoo groups and blogs and the number of signatories has been growing at an amazing pace. But the Prime Minister’s Office (PMO), which is guilty of leaking Dubey’s name — first exposed by The Sunday Express — to the very crooked contractors that he had complained against seems unaware about the groundswell of public anger.

The anger is not so much at the callousness of his office; many Indians take that for granted. It is more because the leader of the world’s largest democracy has not felt the need to even respond to the killing of an honest young IIT engineer trying to retain the integrity of his own dream project, the golden quadrilateral. What the PMO probably fails to realise, despite having an IIT engineer, as his officer on special duty (OSD) is that the Internet is slowly channelling that anger into a quiet movement to clean up the system. The seeds of such a Web-based movement were sown a couple of years ago. And in the last year they have blossomed into thousands of tiny groups that are determined to contribute their bit towards creating a civil society.

What makes these groups special is that they comprise secular, educated, apolitical, middle class individuals, with specific expertise and interests. What the Internet does is to permit them to link up with each other, network and form support groups in minutes when they are moved by a larger issue or cause. For instance, even the Delhi Metro Yahoo Group members, K-West ward (Mumbai) Yahoo group and the Anna Hazare movement have all forwarded the petition to group members and supporters. Did you know, for instance, that the person who drafted the petition-on-line in this case is Tokyo-based Sanjeev Sinha who works with a securities firm? It is things like these that make the Satyendra Dubey issue different.

The Prime Minister may have been advised to ignore the Dubey issue by traditional political advisors who are probably counting on middle class Indians forgetting the case as quickly as they signed the petition-on-line. But we have reason to hope that this time it is different. That is because the Internet links a wide variety of people into a formidable network. >From Kewal Semlani, a consumer and civic activist who fought solitary battles, to Shailesh Gandhi who has run a decade long effort to combat communalism. >From Col. Ramesh Wasudeo who is Anna Hazare’s Mumbai face to Dr R.K. Anand a noted pediatrician and activist. From Express Senior Editor Prakash Kardaley testing the Right to Information Act to US-based Ram Narayanan who is concerned about Indo-US ties. From Sudhir Badami who crusades against noise pollution and for effective public transport to young Kush Singh whose highly informative Yahoo group for the K-West ward, which is slowly acquiring a national character.

The Internet links them all. It allows public-spirited individuals to link up with like-minded people and participate in a variety of efforts towards establishing a civil society and promoting good governance. They can also join larger groups such as LokSatta (, Public Concern for Governance Trust (, AGNI etc, that are involved with a broader range of concerns. This is just a tiny listing of the groups active in Mumbai. There are probably hundreds of similar groups around the country.

Not all group members may have the courage of Satyendra Dubey and gamble their lives, but most NGO groups are campaigning for two main issues — effective use of the citizen’s Right To Information under the Act, mainly to fight corruption and the need to legislate Whistleblowers’ Protection. The Satyendra Dubey case covers both issues.

His letter to the PM details how the absence of proper systems and procedures and the lack of scrutiny have vitiated the process of awarding the contract to the best companies. That he paid with his life for bringing the corruption scandal to the PM’s attention only underlines the urgent need to protect Whistleblowers. And the fact that PM hasn’t even reacted to Dubey’s sacrifice tells us how tough the battle will be. Having said that, it must be clarified that mere legislation will not protect whistleblowers. Even after the Act is passed, an Atul Tirodkar may still be suspended and victimised for blowing the whistle on the Bombay Stock Exchange president; and a Satyendra Dubey may still forfeit his life. But the existence of legislation will cause at least some companies and institutions to pause and worry about the consequences.

It is a little like the regulation against insider trading. Until a few years ago, insider trading was not even illegal in India. And although it is notoriously difficult to prove, having legislation in place is the first deterrent step. It is the same with legislation to protect whistleblowers. At the very least, it provides basic protection such as a fair and independent hearing and prevents employers from sacking the whistleblowers under other regulations. It also creates the possibility of getting compensated for harassment after a trial. There can be more. The UK Public Interest Disclosure Act 1998 for instance lists a wide range of ‘prescribed persons’ in relevant agencies who are held responsible for dealing with whistleblowers complaints. Had we an Act in place, Dubey’s letter to the PMO would not have been passed around so carelessly, nor could all those who initialled it, evaded the consequences of their callousness.

It is globally acknowledged that the existence of legislation does not make whistleblowers out of ordinary people. Most whistleblowers have one thing in common — a strong sense of right and wrong. And the go ahead and ‘blow the whistle’ even if they become ostracised from friends and co-workers or are fired. In fact, harassment and victimisation of whistleblowers is the norm inspite of legislation, or they are ignored. That is why America has NGOs such as the National Whistleblower Center ( ) to counsel people on the consequences of their action and to handhold them and provide them with legal assistance during their battle. India too needs such counselling as much or more than it needs a Whistleblower Act, only then can we prevent other Satyendra Dubey’s from paying with their life for exposing corruption.

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