Momentum of martyr SKD not converted to MOVEMENT for WHISTLEBLOWERS by SKDF

Family Drama Or Tamasha Of SK Dubey Sacrifice

Date:  Mon, 18 Sep 2006 10:44:20 -0700 (PDT)
From: “R Singh” <>
Subject: Family Drama Or Tamasha Of SK Dubey Sacrifice
To: “Minnie Vaid” <>
CC: “Sucheta Dalal” <>,,,, “Shailesh Gandhi” <>, “Sudhir Badami” <>,,,,,

Family Drama Or Tamasha Of SK Dubey Sacrifice 


Dear Minnie Vaid,

This is my message to which you have responded.

It will be a biggest shame and disgrace for this country that SK Dubey’s sacrifice and initiative to end corruption in our Civil projects is trivialized.

Since you are a generalist you have access to much more material on SKDF, in some places people refer to SKD as Bhagat Singh of Bihar. IE has over 100 stories on SKD.

Let me explain SKDF was meant to dilute and destroy National Highway Scam. We always suspected for three years that idea of film is “Trivialize & Downgrade” the sacrifice for SKD. SKDF deliberately sabotaged investigations and never wanted to raise real charges made in SKD letter of Nov.11, 2002.

A person of your stature can get bank loan or get funds from creditable sources not ones who even sold SKD “Kaffan”.

Get a copy right of script, if you have a good script you will get funding in crores or colaboration and do a professional job. Don’t involve political agents and dirty people SKDF.

We don’t need Rs.2 lakh or Rs.5 lakh tamasha. Do a serious job.

I am just posting few important lines from SKD letter.

“A dream project of unparalleled importance to the Nation but in reality a great loot of public money because of very poor implementation at every state.”

“But in reality, they are getting most of the work done through numerous small petty contractors (main contractors are supplying only a few critical equipment & materials) at 50-60 per cent of the price quoted by them and the rest 40 per cent of contract price is being pocketed by them without much effort. In the process, the main contractors are working just like commission agents.”

“However, when it comes to the actual execution of works, it is found that most of the works (sometimes even up to 100 per cent) are being sublet or subcontracted to small petty contractors who are not at all capable to execute such big projects and ensure the quality of construction”

“The entire mobilisation advance of 10 per cent of contract value (which goes up to Rs 40 crores in certain cases) has been paid to the contractors within a few weeks of award of work but there has been little follow-up to ensure that they are actually mobilised at site with the same”

“The curriculum vitae of professionals are invariably being fabricated and manipulated by consultants to get approval, as the NHAI officials are not asking for any documentary proof in support of the qualification & experience claimed. Instead they are abetting this crime.”

”The contractors are getting customs and excise duty exemptions on most of the road construction equipment. However, because of laxity on the part of NHAI, the contractors in many cases are buying equipment on behalf of or for other parties and appropriating a portion of the excise/custom duty exemptions in their pocket.”

It is a serious matter so don’t trivialize it. 

Ravinder Singh September18, 2006


Killing & Selling Of SK Dubey Body & Soul

Dear Shadi,

Thank you for alerting me to this latest development about continued exploitation of SKD who have not yet accounted for crores in donations already swindled.

It is a shame that IITians had failed to come forward to protect the legacy of SK Dubey who single handedly challenged the “Corruption” and “Loot” in India’s largest public works of national highways.

Like we see in Animal Planet where even lions abandon their dead for vultures to consume, SK Dubey’s body and soul were sold out by human vultures in Kalyan Panda, Atal Bansal and Ashutosh Aman Mishra.

The only testimonial of his great sacrifice for the country that ought to have inspired the coming generations was not even put up on Sham organization SKD Foundation home page, founded to “Cover Up” greatest loot in India.

A letter that ought to be “Bible” to all nationalist organizations in the world has no place in SKDF.

Agents of the cover up operation are active again to further tarnish his image by coming out with “Cheap and Politically Motivated” documentary. The “Loot on Grand Scale” is replaced with his sacrifice “To go back to his roots”.

Consequently we get even 10 to 100 times bigger scams in SEZs.

Madhur Bhandarkar or some reputed filmmaker should take up this important project and make a reality-based film.

Ravinder Singh

September17, 2006


Minnie Vaid <> wrote:

dear all,

i am the film maker who is making a documentary on satyendra dubey and am appalled that it is being called ” cheap and politically motivated” by people who have not bothered to clarify the matter with me.

let me introduce myself….i am a documentary television journalist with 22 years experience in the print and electronic media….i have worked with the Times of India group, India Today group, Business India group and Star Plus….i have a reputation as a committed and good film maker and would like to preserve the same…..

here are the facts as i know them….

1) i had approached skdf after checking their website on the Net and wrote to ashutosh aman who was listed as the person to contact…..two years ago. I discussed the possibility of doing a documentary with him and also sent him a detailed brief and rough cost of  a 1 hour documentary…..that cost was roughly US 18,000 dollars.

a whole year passed and he told me skdf was not able to generate that amount, following which i submitted a proposal for a half hour documentary , with absolute basic costs, and sent the proposal for Rs 4,05000.

Out of this amount i have received Rs 2,20,000 for the shoot which begins this 23rd Sept…..i hve personally not charged skdf ONE single rupee for the work done by me over 2 years, researching and calling up people in Bihar and Delhi, for the film.

In fact, last year, i attended satyendra”s sister Kusum”s wedding in shahpur, sivan,bihar, and shot a few scenes on my personal handicam,which i will be using in the film also.


2) since i am a journalist of repute, i could have got funding for this film on my own, after approaching shekhar gupta of the Indian Express, whom i know professionally and personally and it would have been much quicker to do so.

But, i wanted the film on skd to start with the words…..” the family and friends of skdubey and the SKDF presents…..” and that is why i ahve been working, without encouragement from anyone and without payment, for the last 2 years, on this project. I hve also refused other lucrative offers of films in the last 4 months so that this film could be completed before the 3rd death anniversary on nov 27.

it is certainly not motivated by any “cheap or political” agenda……i would like to get a reply from those who have alleged this, without checking with me or my credentials.

3) what skdf has done with their funds collected so far and how they have spent or  ” looted” it, is not my concern and i have no knowledge of the same.

i am only and have always been, interested in making a great film on skd since i read the express articles 3 years ago.THAT IS MY ONLY AGENDA and pl note that my fee for the entire project is less than what i will be paying the technicians for this film, and it is a quarter of what i normally charge for direction of a half hour film.

i have not billed skdf for any of the expenses i have personally incurred while researching and doing pre-production of this film….i will post the entire budget break-up of the total amount of the film, ie Rs 4,05000 (four lakhs and five thousand, only) for anyone who is interested.

my mobile no is 98200-71666 and email id is



pl also check with dhananjay dubey who has been in touch with me over 2 years and who addresses me as Didi, and who has met me personally in mumbai….he will answer all allegations on whether i am ” exploiting the soul ” of his brother satyendra.

i would like a reply to this mail before i leave for the shoot on sept 21.

minnie vaid

708 B Sunshine bldg, Raheja Vihar, Powai, Mumbai 72


September 19, 2006 - Posted by | Ashutosh Aman Mishra

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