Momentum of martyr SKD not converted to MOVEMENT for WHISTLEBLOWERS by SKDF

Kafan Chor Panda & Parivartan In Rs.30,000 Crores Scam

———- Forwarded message ———-
From: R Singh <>
Date: Dec 2, 2006 6:09 PM
Subject: Kafan Chor Panda & Parivartan In Rs.30,000 Crores Sca
To:, ,,,,,

Kafan Chor Panda & Parivartan In Rs.30,000 Crores Scam


Mr. Panda,

From the name itself people conclude instantly you belongs to traditional “Kafan Chors” for many thousands of years.


But you are Panda of dirties and filthiest “Aghori” kind who relish eating brain matter of dead bodies, with Aman Mishra collected millions of rupees in the name of Satyendra Kumar Dubey, but used the money to “Sabotage CBI Investigations”, with-held money collected to Dubey family for 3 months, kept Dubey family on begging line until you along with Parivartan had his fathers signature on PIL that directed CBI investigation in to Satyendra Kumar Dubey section of NHAI in Bihar only.


You Betrayed Dubey’s Father, Mother, Brothers and Sisters after gaining their confidence for petty money and political goals. It is worse than worse than father or brother selling their daughter or sister.


It is a well-documented fact that you were specially planted to “Sabotage Investigations In To India’s Biggest Scam”.


This is hundredth time you have abused your seniors instead of either admitting to “Treachery” or post copy of the PIL filed by you and Parivartan.


What’s wrong in admitting facts when Atal Behari Vajpayee betrayed the nation you so important that you continue to deny facts that are well known to people world over?


It is SKDF who blackmailed Satyendra Dubey family by withholding money for 100 days and obtained his fathers signature to investigate Bihar section only as if Satyendra Kumar Dubey was the “Culprit”.


Where does Ravinder Singh fit in the case?


Mal-intensions of SKDF was clear from the posting of 10 scanned copies of 10 mb size of the Satyendra K.Dubey letter which was very difficult to down load when Indian Express had already put “Word File” and SKDF never put it on its website.


You are a traditional lair and cheat people know that.


Yet again I want to emphasize that I was to volunteer to fight for this case in India but at the very first meeting in few minutes instead of discussing “Charges In The Satyendra K.Dubey letter Parivartan and others were singing praises of NHAI projects.”


Few hours later I vented my opposition and anger when SKDF was describing NHAI project than “Great Loot Of Public Money”. I did not associate with “Treachery Of SKDF”.


I predicted that you have filthy “Documentary In Mind” to tell the world that Satyendra Kumar Dubey was born in a backward village that has no electricity and roads etc.


Scandalously signatures of Satyendra Kumar Dubey were enlarged on the film than disclosing all-important contents of the letter and providing expert opinion.


We knew your dirty mind in not sharing the script with experts. Here too you had foreign market in mind where people have no interest in Satyendra Kumar Dubey but want to see the dirty and filthy conditions in which Indians live- Your idea is make crores than explaining the charges framed by him.


I would urge you to go back to your family business and tradition. Sharads, Cremations etc are big business in India.


Ravinder Singh


(P.S. Friends I have gone through the PIL and re-affirm that Panda- Parivartan PIL was most malicious and even Supreme Court judges also pointed out why SKDF are filing this third PIL in Dubey murder case.)   




Re: CBI- SKDF Didn’t File Proper PIL


Mr. Raving Charlatan,

What is your vested interest in trying to mislead people? PIL means public Interest Litigation. You claim that you are expert in that and have done many. Who stopped you to go ahead. You just tried to pass the buck or the gun on elses shoulder and tring to be smart. Still you can do it as a part of public. If you can’t, then stop allegating and stop wasting time on the key boards only. Now a documentary is made and your filthy bla bla started. It’s a woman’s habit of quarreling or pointing accusing finger. Rubbish.


December 3, 2006 - Posted by | skdf filings

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