Momentum of martyr SKD not converted to MOVEMENT for WHISTLEBLOWERS by SKDF

Where is JUSTICE for martyr SKD ? Are all PROMISES ? Including one by BROTHER DKD ?

What happened to Brother DKD ? WAS he SILENCED from SKDF USA by paying USA Dollars?

What happened to TWO Directors of SKDF USA, Who have used the CONTRIBUTED FUNDS ?

What happened to the PROMISES of Atal Bansal to find KILLERS of martyr SKD ?

What happened to Atal Bansal’s STATEMENT that SKDF USA will FUND to find the KILLERS and to get JUSTICE for martyr SKD ?


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Very intersting article by Dhananjay K Dubey who is himself involved with the “corrupt SKDF” “Ashutosh Aman Mishra” Kalyan Panda” and “Atal Bansal” NOW ?

What my brother died for: a country where the honest need no protection

What my brother died for: a country where the honest need no protection

WHY DHANANJAY DUBEY supporting Corrupt SKDF, Ashutosh Aman Mishra, Kalyan Panda and Atal Bansal ?

Is the PROMOISE of MONEY from the DOCUMENTARY FILM to DHANANJAY has made him to support the CORRUPTNESS of SKDF USA ?  Dhananjay's Brother martyr SKD gave his life for the NATION for the reason to stop CORRUPTION in INDIA.

Even inspite of ASHUTOSH AMAN MISHRA wrote to Sucheta Dalal that SKDF USA belongs to him and it is nothing to do with martyr SKD, DHANANJAY is supporting CORRUPTNESS and CROOKEDNESS of ASHUTOSH AMAN MISHRA and SKDF USA.

DHANANJAY, brother of martyr SKD can't fill in the shoes of martyr SKD at all, the way he is supporting CORRUPT SKDF !!

DHANANJAY's brother martyr SKD gave his life for PRINCIPLES !! Now DHANANJAY does not worry about PRINCIPLES at all the way he is supporting CORRUPT SKDF and ASHUTOSH AMAN MISHRA, because of MONETARY PROMISES and DOCUMENTARY FILM made by SKDF USA to DHANANJAY.

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What my brother died for: a country where the honest need no protection

What my brother died for: a country where the honest need no protection

Decemebr 20 2005

India, the world’s biggest democracy, is not just a nation of over a hundred crore people

but also an embodiment

of their identity, their rich cultural heritage, unfailing endeavours,

ever-increasing technical prowess,

impeccable determination and strengthening infrastructure and economy.

India today is empowered.

Our nation is no more the one it was, a hundred years ago, ruled by the British.

We have an admirable Constitutional set-up—Legislature, Executive,

Judiciary—to take decisions and look after the welfare of the nation,

the welfare of all Indians.

Now, the question arises. When we, as a nation, are empowered to take decisions,

when we have legal authority to decide for ourselves and for our people,

then why is there so much of anarchy all around?

The country seems to have been dumped into the hell of corruption.

We hear of scams, the indispensable bribe at each stage of government machinery,

the lawlessness, the nexus between politicians and criminals, the corrupt bureaucracy,

the distortion of the level playing field, the triumph of mediocrity over excellence…

the list is endless. Why this? It’s high time we start introspecting.

Introspect and you will realise the high ideals we set for ourselves 58 years ago.

A virtuous vision was framed and so was our Constitution.

India was declared a Sovereign, Socialist, Secular, Democratic and

a Republic state ensuring Justice—economic, social, political; Liberty—of thought,

expression, belief, faith and worship; Equality—of status and opportunity and promoting fraternity.

I really doubt if our policy makers, the leaders of various political parties,

the so-called guardians of our Constitution, know the meaning of these words

which describe the identity and ideology of our nation.

Introspect and you will see images of people like Mahatma Gandhi, Lal Bahadur Shastri,

Sardar Vallabh Bhai Patel, Pandit Nehru, Subhash Chandra Bose,

Dr Rajendra Prasad flashing through your mind—leaders who laid the

foundation of independent India on the building blocks of patriotism,

honesty, hard work, faith, selflessness and courage.

It was their courage that helped them cross the unsurmountable hurdles,

swim against the current (the imperialist British rule) and win an independent

nation for us and restore our pride and respect.

But what can I say about today? What is the reward for honest,

courageous and selfless national service by people like my brother,

Satyendra Dubey, and Manjunath? Brutal murders,

endless tears in the eyes of parents, the family and loved ones.

And then starts the drama of promises and retribution.

The world starts praising, giving awards (posthumously) but who works

to eradicate ‘‘corruption’’, that brutal murderer? No doubt

we have come a long way since Independence.

The standard of living has risen, there are technological advancements,

the country is striving to achieve economic stability. We are a developing

nation which is empowered to frame its foreign and national policies keeping

in mind the interests of its people. But so long as power is vested in the hands

of leaders who are drenched in corruption and hypocrisy, the outcome

will always be the heart-rending deaths of our IITians, IIM students and

many more unheard and unknown sons of our motherland.

Why is today’s youth so frustrated and directionless?

What is the reason for brain drain?

Why does an honest officer face several transfer orders

until he’s dumped in an unworthy office? Who are the role

models for today’s young generation?

Why are Silicon Valleys not in India itself?

Why are anti-social forces thriving?

It’s high time we introspect.

All prevalent problems point to the same direction—

the depth to which corruption has seeped into our system,

weakening its very roots. Our vision of empowered India refers to

empowerment at each and every level—the empowerment of every Indian.

Every Indian should be empowered to work with honesty and to seek safety.

Our present education system needs to be reformed.

Instead of changing the school syllabus to match ideologies and

whims and fancies of every passing government,

we must try to elevate facilities in schools as well as

research institutes to international standards. Raising educational standards

will not only increase the literacy rate but also reflect on the scientific and

technological advancements of our nation. As we watch tears rolling down a

mother’s eye, it is time we realise the need to give up selfish motives and

work towards a better India. An India free from corruption, free from

racial prejudices, no more stained by the blood of her devoted sons.

Where the brother of a Satyendra Dubey has pride,

not only anger to assuage his grief.

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