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Satyendra Dubey’s Murder – Comments INDIAN EXPRESS Dec 2003



Dubey stink: Govt’s own report shows something rotten
The Government’s stand on Satyendra Dubey’s complaint to the Prime Minister isn’t known yet—except for Union Minister B C Khanduri’s comment to this newspaper that he ‘‘can’t recall the letter.’’



Posted by: HARISH, 05-12-2003 at 1245 hours IST

Dubay’s Murder
  I am deeply shocked to hear about this nefariuos act commited by the most corrupted ani-social elements. At the same time it does not surprise me to know that this happend in Bihar, the most blemished state of our country, run by the scums of our society on top of which the name Laloo Yadav features. That state should be under president’s rule and a millitayr like admistration should be incorporated. We should all demand a quick and fair justice to Late Mr Dubay’s family and give all the criminal in this case the most severe punishment allowed by law.

Posted by: Sandeep, 04-12-2003 at 0435 hours IST

no more dubey’s to die
  Politicians only listen to one thing.Politics,publicity & votes whoever it is.So raise this issue in each of the electorate with each of the politicians.Make calls to your local MPs/MLAs and ask them if they will raise this issue tommorow in parliament or assembly every day.When ever you find someone involved in politics ask them this question “what happened to Dubey’s case,will it be left like gujarat riot cases or there will be any progress”. If vajpayee wants election if sonia wants power then they will have to answer this question.It is only going to cost us Re1 per day but it will cost us millions if this crimes dont get stopped.

Posted by: Indian, 04-12-2003 at 0342 hours IST

Hon’ble Prime Minister,
  I wish to share the deep hurt, anguish and grief of Mr Dubey’s family and fellow country men. We not only lost one from the cream of Indian brains in Mr Dubey, we also lost a rare blend of honesty, inteligence and integrity. His life laid while giving shape to your dream (which we share) of the golden quadrilateral. All because of the calous attitude of your esteemed office!! You are one of the very few national leaders who is loved even by the opposition, by people who dont believe in your ideologies and who dont elect your party to power. The damage done cannot be undone. But, the least that is expected is an expression of solidarity and conviction to the cause some one as brilliant as Mr Dubey had to prove in his death. And your high office is dissapointing to the point of loss of credibility. You promote people like Judeo and do nothing in this case such is the irony of Indian democracy. The God’s are too busy fighting among themselves, people in power are fighting to stay in power or topple each other and the vast majority of us Indians left to marvel at “Mera Bharat Mahaan”. Please wake up Mr PM and look at citizens of your “Ram Rajya” stripped of pride and dignity.

Posted by: Robin Aryan, 04-12-2003 at 0317 hours IST

petition to PM India
  Dear friends, please visit and sign there for petition to PM india. please distribute this site to your friends to strenghthen the movement against corruption and injustice – thank u sanjay – hamburg Germany

Posted by: sanjay tripathi, 04-12-2003 at 0248 hours IST

Indian Express don’t let us Indians forget this incident.
  A true martyr, Satyendra Dubey upheld and fought for the vision of his and his peers, a vision for an honest and strong India. Now its on us to continue this fight and see its fair end. This money-minting GQ Project must be built as per the highest engineering standards and the people doing this must be protected and supported by everyone. Politicians wake up before you are swept off in this tide. Jai Hind!

Posted by: sdk, 04-12-2003 at 0224 hours IST

keep going its the starting…………………..
  well done ie. keepgoing. keep exposing the nation’s official daakuus. why not have a regular updates on these issues as memory of the nation for the nation is very short

Posted by: venu, 04-12-2003 at 0056 hours IST

Good job Express!
  Indian Express seems to be the only paper that is taking a lead role in exposing corruption . Good job! I hope that the Prime Minister himself takes note of this crime and initiates action to punish the culprits.

Posted by: pramodh, 04-12-2003 at 0025 hours IST

Culprits should be severely Punished.
  I feel every citizen of India should feel sorry for the loss of Dubey’s family ,and put pressure on the higher autorities to punish and prosecute the muderer’s behind Dubey’s death. I wish we all should stand as one and fight for justice.

Posted by: Sirisha , 04-12-2003 at 0003 hours IST

Dubey stink: Govt’s own report shows something rotten
  Because irresponsible behaviour started from PMO office to leak the letter, Can the FIRST CITIZEN, Mr President lead the people by Suing PMO Office in SC.

Posted by: Vijay, 03-12-2003 at 2359 hours IST

Slaughter the corrupt rouges
  I can’t really believe that these corrupt rouges are really born to mothers who would have carried them for more than nine months? Shame on you PM, unless you also belong to the same category. New slaughter houses should be built for this corrupt category (even the animals feel ashamed if these scoundrels are slaughtered with them). Only then India can be called a developed nation.

Posted by: Mr V, 03-12-2003 at 2248 hours IST

Dubey stink: Govt’s own report shows something rotten
  With the current Proxy Govt. of Laloo prasad it is foolish to expect anything to happen.The culture in the country to silence those who stand up to curruption and injustice. Recent comment about a Police officer who talks about Politics and criminal nexus is another example of this. Even Govt. at center seemed to be careless about corruption in the country. I am sure this will take some attention once the politicians find that many people are concerned and there could be some publicity for them. These guys are least concerned for loss of life and country losing a intelligent person with integrity which is rare commodity amongst them selves.

Posted by: Srinivas, 03-12-2003 at 2230 hours IST

its a shame…..
  its a shame what ever is happenin in our country….again and again its being proved that in our nation there is no place for honesty and a feeling for the betterment of our nation.and any person who wishes to take a step forward to improvement… so brutally supressed that every person who thinks of doing something right will think a thousand times……..such a situation usually is given as an example for doing things wrongly…….lookin at the way things are progressing from bad to worse the picture of india a few years from now is bizzare…..god bless us and every other individual who steps forward for the betterment of the nation we are living in and preventing it from turning in to living hell!!!

Posted by: Deepti Sathe, 03-12-2003 at 1939 hours IST

PMO irresponsible
  I am deeply hurt by the irresponsible behaviour of PMO. Take action. No letters please. India cannot improve till this is gone. Remember we are in the 125th position. Even srilanka is before us.

Posted by: justin j, 03-12-2003 at 1625 hours IST

  Well done xpress keep the onslaught going 24hrs, 24/7, 52/52 round the clock till these courrpt rascals are exposed, prosecuted and punished. The nation and Mr.Dubey’s family will owe you debt of gratitudde.

Posted by: Sridhar, 03-12-2003 at 1355 hours IST

FIght Agaiints Corruption
  Fight againts corruption, requires sustained and prolonged effort. To find out what we are doing to bring Justice to Honest martyr , MR Dubey, Please check out the following link

Posted by: Mayank Nainwal, 03-12-2003 at 0858 hours IST


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What my brother died for: a country where the honest need no protection

What my brother died for: a country where the honest need no protection

Decemebr 20 2005

India, the world’s biggest democracy, is not just a nation of over a hundred crore people

but also an embodiment

of their identity, their rich cultural heritage, unfailing endeavours,

ever-increasing technical prowess,

impeccable determination and strengthening infrastructure and economy.

India today is empowered.

Our nation is no more the one it was, a hundred years ago, ruled by the British.

We have an admirable Constitutional set-up—Legislature, Executive,

Judiciary—to take decisions and look after the welfare of the nation,

the welfare of all Indians.

Now, the question arises. When we, as a nation, are empowered to take decisions,

when we have legal authority to decide for ourselves and for our people,

then why is there so much of anarchy all around?

The country seems to have been dumped into the hell of corruption.

We hear of scams, the indispensable bribe at each stage of government machinery,

the lawlessness, the nexus between politicians and criminals, the corrupt bureaucracy,

the distortion of the level playing field, the triumph of mediocrity over excellence…

the list is endless. Why this? It’s high time we start introspecting.

Introspect and you will realise the high ideals we set for ourselves 58 years ago.

A virtuous vision was framed and so was our Constitution.

India was declared a Sovereign, Socialist, Secular, Democratic and

a Republic state ensuring Justice—economic, social, political; Liberty—of thought,

expression, belief, faith and worship; Equality—of status and opportunity and promoting fraternity.

I really doubt if our policy makers, the leaders of various political parties,

the so-called guardians of our Constitution, know the meaning of these words

which describe the identity and ideology of our nation.

Introspect and you will see images of people like Mahatma Gandhi, Lal Bahadur Shastri,

Sardar Vallabh Bhai Patel, Pandit Nehru, Subhash Chandra Bose,

Dr Rajendra Prasad flashing through your mind—leaders who laid the

foundation of independent India on the building blocks of patriotism,

honesty, hard work, faith, selflessness and courage.

It was their courage that helped them cross the unsurmountable hurdles,

swim against the current (the imperialist British rule) and win an independent

nation for us and restore our pride and respect.

But what can I say about today? What is the reward for honest,

courageous and selfless national service by people like my brother,

Satyendra Dubey, and Manjunath? Brutal murders,

endless tears in the eyes of parents, the family and loved ones.

And then starts the drama of promises and retribution.

The world starts praising, giving awards (posthumously) but who works

to eradicate ‘‘corruption’’, that brutal murderer? No doubt

we have come a long way since Independence.

The standard of living has risen, there are technological advancements,

the country is striving to achieve economic stability. We are a developing

nation which is empowered to frame its foreign and national policies keeping

in mind the interests of its people. But so long as power is vested in the hands

of leaders who are drenched in corruption and hypocrisy, the outcome

will always be the heart-rending deaths of our IITians, IIM students and

many more unheard and unknown sons of our motherland.

Why is today’s youth so frustrated and directionless?

What is the reason for brain drain?

Why does an honest officer face several transfer orders

until he’s dumped in an unworthy office? Who are the role

models for today’s young generation?

Why are Silicon Valleys not in India itself?

Why are anti-social forces thriving?

It’s high time we introspect.

All prevalent problems point to the same direction—

the depth to which corruption has seeped into our system,

weakening its very roots. Our vision of empowered India refers to

empowerment at each and every level—the empowerment of every Indian.

Every Indian should be empowered to work with honesty and to seek safety.

Our present education system needs to be reformed.

Instead of changing the school syllabus to match ideologies and

whims and fancies of every passing government,

we must try to elevate facilities in schools as well as

research institutes to international standards. Raising educational standards

will not only increase the literacy rate but also reflect on the scientific and

technological advancements of our nation. As we watch tears rolling down a

mother’s eye, it is time we realise the need to give up selfish motives and

work towards a better India. An India free from corruption, free from

racial prejudices, no more stained by the blood of her devoted sons.

Where the brother of a Satyendra Dubey has pride,

not only anger to assuage his grief.

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Express Coverage not used by Ashutosh Aman Mishra and Atal Bansal of SKDF to get JUSTICE for martyr SKD


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Pushing forward its murder-for-robbery claim, the CBI is ready with its chargesheet in the Satyendra Dubey murder case and will …
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CVC to protect whistle-blowers: Govt to SC
The Centre has agreed to make the CVC the sole authority to protect ??brave persons'' like Satyendra Dubey who expose corruption…

A candle in the dark
It had to take the tragic murder of a promising IIT-trained engineer to prod us into grappling with a crucial, if completely ove…

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WILL the announcement of cash awards help CBI nab killers of Satyendra Dubey or thieves of Tagore's Nobel medal? The answer is a…

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Haunted by the recent ??suicides'' of two men questioned by it in the Satyendra Dubey murder case, the CBI today asserted here t…

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With two suspects in the Satyendra Dubey murder case dead, there's growing criticism in Bihar over the manner the CBI has handle…

Curiouser and curiouser
There are two important aspects to the killing of Satyendra Dubey, the NHAI engineer, in November, which need to be reiterated. …

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A key eyewitness gone missing after interrogation. And now in a bizarre twist, two suspects kill themselves a day after interrog…

CBI turned all stones to get witness, now say we have no idea
Present whereabouts of Pradeep, the rickshaw-puller, is not known to CBI…His statement was recorded and after that the witness…

At scene of the crime, his wife waits, CBI staff contradict their bosses
The CBI's official version finds hardly an echo in Gaya, where Satyendra Dubey was murdered. Everybody here, including CBI offic…

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After bringing him from Gaya to New Delhi, interrogating him, keeping him ??informally'' for almost two weeks, the CBI now claim…

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The disbelief has given way to acceptance, but as they try to pick up the pieces of their shattered life, it is disillusionment …

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Sixteen days after Satyendra Dubey was murdered, the police recovered his Panasonic cellphone yesterday from a rickshaw-puller's…

'My wife is waiting for death to carry her to our beloved son'
His son, too, was an IITian, a young govt officer killed in Bihar because he laid down the law. In a letter to The Sunday Expres…

Please, no U-turns in this dream
This week I am going to play Devil's Advocate. I am going to speak up for the National Highway Authority of India (NHAI) which b…

'Let his be the last sacrifice, and a rallying point for this fight against corruption'
The murder of Satyendra Dubey, the IIT-trained NHAI engineer who wrote to the PMO complaining of corruption in the building of t…

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The murder of Satyendra Dubey, the IIT-trained NHAI engineer who wrote to the PMO complaining of corruption in the building of t…

HC tightens screws further: start plan to protect from today
An unrelenting Patna High Court today directed the Bihar government to implement with immediate effect its plan providing securi…

HC slams Bihar: He was killed for being honest, you say no problem?
On the orders of the Patna High Court, which has taken up a petition on the Satyendra Dubey murder case, the Bihar government to…

Dubey's parent dept says we did no wrong
Two days after the Prime Minister said that action would be taken against those responsible for the murder of Satyendra Dubey ??…

Wisdom of the helmsman
The wisdom of the wise, they say, is an uncommon degree of common sense. Prime Minister Vajpayee's response to the Satyendra Dub…

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No one took Satyendra Dubey seriously when he blew the whistle on the goings-on along the Aurangabad-Barachatti stretch of the G…

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He lived died 1,625 km away in Gaya. And Satyendra Dubey's story has left people in Mumbai angry. Citizens gathered for the firs…

'Al Capone in India'
Reproduced are extracts from the order issued by Chief Justice Ravi S. Dhavan and Justice Shashank Kumar Singh. Its language spe…

Kudos to Murthy
Kudos to N.R. Narayana Murthy (Infosys chief to PM: Probe, speak to family, get Whistleblower Act, December 9) for speaking his …

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The unrelenting public outrage over the murder of Satyendra Dubey following The Indian Express coverage of the tragedy, has fina…

Finally, NHRC steps in
On the eve of the World Human Rights Day, the National Human Rights Commission (NHRC) decided to find out whether ??the State fa…

PM speaks: Guilty won't be spared, wherever they are
In his first reaction to the murder of IIT Kanpur engineer Satyendra Dubey who was working on his ??dream highway project,'' Pri…

Infosys Murthy to PM: Probe, speak to family, get whistleblower law
Let Satyendra Dubey's murder be the ??last such tragedy in the country'' Infosys founder and chief mentor N R Narayana Murthy sa…

Calling justice
Stories like Satyendra Dubey's sadden every Indian who would like his country to be a super power some day. I feel the PM should…

'Had Govt acted on our draft whistleblower Bill, passed law, Dubey wouldn't have died'
One law he drafted, the Prevention of Terrorism Act (POTA), made the Government hold a rare joint session for the first time in …

Aurangabad MP wants LS to take up Dubey murder
Shyama Singh, Congress MP from Aurangabad in Bihar, has served notice for a calling attention motion on the killing of NHAI mana…

On murder night, Dubey vehicle didn't move and a likely witness disappeared
Despite the clamour for justice, Bihar waited for a full nine days to announce a CBI probe into the Satyendra Dubey murder case….

Supreme sacrifice
It is indeed exemplary in this day and age that somebody has given the supreme sacrifice to expose corruption,readers' response …

Clues put sleuths on road to Gaya
As the police struggle to piece together the story of Satyendra Dubey's murder at Gaya, there are some missing links ? and there…

And now they speak: Joshi says protect the Dubeys
Union HRD Minister Murli Manohar Joshi said today that ??people like Satyendra Dubey'' need to be protected. For, if incidents l…

Police chief's whistle makes Laloo restless
While the public outcry from across the world over whistle-blower Satyendra Dubey's murder in Bihar following a series of report…

Body politics has begun: your mafia vs your leak
After one week of silence despite the growing clamour for justice, the Bihar government today recommended a CBI probe into the S…
If only Dubey knew: it was Vajpayee who inspired a Whistle Blower law for India
Don't tell this to Satyendra Dubey's family. One full year before he blew the whistle on the Prime Minister's showpiece project …

'My identity has been leaked, Sir, this disclosure has exposed me to undesirable pressures, threats'
If you were outraged that the government did not honour Satyendra Kumar Dubey's request for secrecy when he blew the whistle, ta…

Dubey's Boss breaks silence: he was honest, Bihar is to blame
Finally, Satyendra Dubey's Boss, Union Minister for Road Transport & Highways B C Khanduri has broken his silence to say tha…

PIL enters SC to protect Dubeys
A Delhi-based lawyer, Rakesh Upadhyay, has filed a PIL urging the Supreme Court to deal with the legal issues raised by the trag…

Satyendra jayate
There is something about the Satyendra Dubey story that highlights the best and worst in us. That gives rise, almost simultaneou…

'Satyendra's murderers are like terrorists'
On November 30, The Indian Express reported how Satyendra Dubey, a young NHAI engineer, wrote confidentially to the PMO about co…

Bihar DGP says Dubey's honesty angered the mafia
One full week after Satyendra Dubey's murder and four days after The Sunday Express expose on how this IIT Kanpur whistleblower'…

On counting day, what's 1 dead man?
The Union Government which is his employer, the state in which he was working, the major political parties, all are still silent…

Please wake up: angry IIT chorus
With no official word from either the state or the Centre on what it plans to do for justice in the murder of IIT Kanpur graduat…

Dubey stink: Govt's own report shows something rotten
The Government's stand on Satyendra Dubey's complaint to the Prime Minister isn't known yet?except for Union Minister B C Khandu…

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Death of a Whistleblower – SUCHETA DALAL : Ashutosh Aman Mishra in SKDF letdown martyr SKD.

Death of a Whistleblower

Posted online: Monday, December 08, 2003 at 0000 hours IST

At midnight on Friday, there were 15,000 signatures to the petition-on-line demanding full inquiry and justice in the murder of IIT engineer Satyendra Dubey. By 11 am the next morning, another 1,100 people had added their names to the protest. The petition — has been posted on dozens of web sites and forwarded by scores of Yahoo groups and blogs and the number of signatories has been growing at an amazing pace. But the Prime Minister’s Office (PMO), which is guilty of leaking Dubey’s name — first exposed by The Sunday Express — to the very crooked contractors that he had complained against seems unaware about the groundswell of public anger.

The anger is not so much at the callousness of his office; many Indians take that for granted. It is more because the leader of the world’s largest democracy has not felt the need to even respond to the killing of an honest young IIT engineer trying to retain the integrity of his own dream project, the golden quadrilateral. What the PMO probably fails to realise, despite having an IIT engineer, as his officer on special duty (OSD) is that the Internet is slowly channelling that anger into a quiet movement to clean up the system. The seeds of such a Web-based movement were sown a couple of years ago. And in the last year they have blossomed into thousands of tiny groups that are determined to contribute their bit towards creating a civil society.

What makes these groups special is that they comprise secular, educated, apolitical, middle class individuals, with specific expertise and interests. What the Internet does is to permit them to link up with each other, network and form support groups in minutes when they are moved by a larger issue or cause. For instance, even the Delhi Metro Yahoo Group members, K-West ward (Mumbai) Yahoo group and the Anna Hazare movement have all forwarded the petition to group members and supporters. Did you know, for instance, that the person who drafted the petition-on-line in this case is Tokyo-based Sanjeev Sinha who works with a securities firm? It is things like these that make the Satyendra Dubey issue different.

The Prime Minister may have been advised to ignore the Dubey issue by traditional political advisors who are probably counting on middle class Indians forgetting the case as quickly as they signed the petition-on-line. But we have reason to hope that this time it is different. That is because the Internet links a wide variety of people into a formidable network. From Kewal Semlani, a consumer and civic activist who fought solitary battles, to Shailesh Gandhi who has run a decade long effort to combat communalism. From Col. Ramesh Wasudeo who is Anna Hazare’s Mumbai face to Dr R.K. Anand a noted pediatrician and activist. From Express Senior Editor Prakash Kardaley testing the Right to Information Act to US-based Ram Narayanan who is concerned about Indo-US ties. From Sudhir Badami who crusades against noise pollution and for effective public transport to young Kush Singh whose highly informative Yahoo group for the K-West ward, which is slowly acquiring a national character.

The Internet links them all. It allows public-spirited individuals to link up with like-minded people and participate in a variety of efforts towards establishing a civil society and promoting good governance. They can also join larger groups such as LokSatta (, Public Concern for Governance Trust (, AGNI etc, that are involved with a broader range of concerns. This is just a tiny listing of the groups active in Mumbai. There are probably hundreds of similar groups around the country.

Not all group members may have the courage of Satyendra Dubey and gamble their lives, but most NGO groups are campaigning for two main issues — effective use of the citizen’s Right To Information under the Act, mainly to fight corruption and the need to legislate Whistleblowers’ Protection. The Satyendra Dubey case covers both issues.

His letter to the PM details how the absence of proper systems and procedures and the lack of scrutiny have vitiated the process of awarding the contract to the best companies. That he paid with his life for bringing the corruption scandal to the PM’s attention only underlines the urgent need to protect Whistleblowers. And the fact that PM hasn’t even reacted to Dubey’s sacrifice tells us how tough the battle will be. Having said that, it must be clarified that mere legislation will not protect whistleblowers. Even after the Act is passed, an Atul Tirodkar may still be suspended and victimised for blowing the whistle on the Bombay Stock Exchange president; and a Satyendra Dubey may still forfeit his life. But the existence of legislation will cause at least some companies and institutions to pause and worry about the consequences.

It is a little like the regulation against insider trading. Until a few years ago, insider trading was not even illegal in India. And although it is notoriously difficult to prove, having legislation in place is the first deterrent step. It is the same with legislation to protect whistleblowers. At the very least, it provides basic protection such as a fair and independent hearing and prevents employers from sacking the whistleblowers under other regulations. It also creates the possibility of getting compensated for harassment after a trial. There can be more. The UK Public Interest Disclosure Act 1998 for instance lists a wide range of ‘prescribed persons’ in relevant agencies who are held responsible for dealing with whistleblowers complaints. Had we an Act in place, Dubey’s letter to the PMO would not have been passed around so carelessly, nor could all those who initialled it, evaded the consequences of their callousness.

It is globally acknowledged that the existence of legislation does not make whistleblowers out of ordinary people. Most whistleblowers have one thing in common — a strong sense of right and wrong. And the go ahead and ‘blow the whistle’ even if they become ostracised from friends and co-workers or are fired. In fact, harassment and victimisation of whistleblowers is the norm inspite of legislation, or they are ignored. That is why America has NGOs such as the National Whistleblower Center ( to counsel people on the consequences of their action and to handhold them and provide them with legal assistance during their battle. India too needs such counselling as much or more than it needs a Whistleblower Act, only then can we prevent other Satyendra Dubey’s from paying with their life for exposing corruption.

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Comments from people from The INDIAN EXPRESS – Ashutosh Aman Mishra NEGLECTED all of this and acted like DICTATOR in SKDF.

‘My identity has been leaked, Sir, this disclosure has exposed me to undesirable pressures, threats’

He wrote this second letter: And guess what he got for his first: ‘reprimand’ from Vigilance Officer

Click here to read the article

• culprits are in front of your eyes

Investigate the ‘reprimand’ of the CVO to SKDubey and you have exposed chain of all involved. This is most obvious in all facts of his murder.

Posted by: rekha, India, 27-11-2004 at 0459 hours IST

• fix the cvo of nhai

the fact that the cvo of nhai had reprmanded dubey for complaining to the PMO is evidence enough to preponder that he was hand in glove and responsible for leaking the name of dubey to the persons who were involved in the malpractices reported by dubey this cvo should be chargesheeted as a co-accused in the murder case, even suo -moto by the cvc and supreme court and not let off by being sent back to his parent cadre, if nothing is done we should file a PIL against the wolf in vigilance officers clothing.

Posted by: umrao, India, 02-09-2004 at 2234 hours IST

• Dubeji’s Murder

Sitting outside India as an NRI and a proud citizen of India I instantly feel very ASHAMED to call myself an Indian because this is not the India i had dreamed of. Mr. Vajpayee, going around the worls making treaties and tarde pacts and maiking friends with longtime enemies is all good and dandy but if you cannot have your own country, house or even your own office in any order you MUST NOT take any credit for anything. It is a wke up call for your adminstration. You must take personnel interest in this filwe and get the justice served because if you leave it to your CORRUPT officials nothing will happen and some another, honest, loyal and caring individual would loose his/her life in vain. Has you office ever analysed, or though why there are so many hard working and talented professionals in all field of specialzation leaving the conutry they are born and brought up (i.e. India) and choose to become NRI and contribute thier skills and knowledge to another country. As a proud IITian I tried working in India BUT was appaled with the wide spread corruption in one your very respected Public Sector Undertaking. Like myself millions of us have been forced out of india. India lost a lot

Posted by: Mike , 09-01-2004 at 2008 hours IST


Next time when u call urself ‘indian’, think about it. We r not united. CORRUPTION is not the major evil. LACK OF UNITY is the evil. Its high time we make a solid decision. Either get sync n united, or accept ur defeat. STOP blamming politicians n mafias. ITS US. we let them grow. Let us initiate a movement. not just to claim justic for the murder of a honest govt officer, but to protect honest citizen of the future. We must use internet and other communication mediums inorder to gather HUGE mass. then we can make a national movement with a common slogan. so….. winners? or losers??? up to u. up to me. UP TO US.

Posted by: Vignesh P, 18-12-2003 at 2042 hours IST

• Vajpayee owes to SKDubey and INDIA

Mr. Vajpayee, Either get the killers to justice OR Resign as being unable to protect one single good citizen of INDIA

Posted by: Radha Chivukula, 15-12-2003 at 0120 hours IST

• Disgrace

Sir this one incident has made it evident why India has mot come up in economic status in the world.Such brains whose contribution to our country to great heights if treated like this ,how will u ever find u ever think of a developed country?please give a serious thought to this and please make the law more sealed without loopholes so that the miscreants are duly punished

Posted by: DAVE, 13-12-2003 at 0031 hours IST

• Why not a single public protest

I am surprised at the stance of the political parties towards murder of Shri Satyendra Dubey. Cant we force them to take a stand and do protests (peacefully and purposefully offcourse) till the corrupt and the people behind the murder are behind the bars..

Posted by: raghav, 12-12-2003 at 1946 hours IST

• Mr. Vajpayee wake up!!

Vajpayee ji it is not enough that you have successfully completed 4 years in office without a blemish on your character. It is really surprising that someone in the PMO right under your nose leaks out the name of upright complainant. Please at least ensure that your own house is in order…. I believe the person who leaked the name should be tried for murder as a co-conspirator. Kindly find that sob and try him for the murder of Mr. Dubey. This would be the biggest achievement of your government and help in earning the faith of this nation. Jai Hind!!

Posted by: Gourav Varma, 12-12-2003 at 0046 hours IST

• I am ashamed to be a citizen of this nation

This is indeed shocking, but expected in a place as corrupt,lawless and uncouth as Bihar. I would have liked to move a motion to hand over the political figures and mafias to the huns or the cannibals in Africa.

Posted by: Adam Gautam, 11-12-2003 at 1508 hours IST

• this is the real india for you ladies and gentleman

succumb to this… india is not shining as it should… such lives are more precious then the growing economy… and not to forget the even growing corrupt officials… India is shining and so are they… and what about dubey and the likes of him??? well they are not shining… and we call ourselves proud Indians… politicians and political parties stay out of this…

• corruption

S. K. Dubey’s death is sad indeed. What is more sad is our government and the officials took absolutely no steps to protect him or Indians in general. Government works properly when people raise their voices against corruption. We people have become so selfish that we tolerate every kind of adharma in our country. Take for example, in order to get a death certificate people have to bribe officials. For GOD’s sake the person is dead. When I as a student went to get concession to travel in train(Trichy), I had to go around for three weeks to get one ticket. Finally I shouted in front of everybody if they wanted bribe. Most government employees live on the blood and sweat of poor people. The only option is to close all these unprofitable and corrupt government services and send all the corrupt officials to go and do masduri . Talented and good people will always get jobs. The point is people have to act. People have to form organizations that track corruption and report them. Americans are very good at this. They have organizations for each and every thing right from tracking government officials to tracking industries. Let us learn from them how to run a democracy.

Posted by: Raghu, 11-12-2003 at 0406 hours IST

• Dubey

This is a very sad event. We need to Identify the Staff in PMO and press criminal charges against them and also dismiss them from Service, no matter what their rank is. we also need to bring the culprits to Law and punish them severly

Posted by: Dinesh, 10-12-2003 at 2248 hours IST

• The system corrupts

Talk of top or of lowest level employee, all are involved. Even if they dont see in discrete and big highlighted perspective,the words,BRIBE and CORRUPTION, they are into it. It has become a part of their duties and ofcourse their RIGHTS. So if INDIA is destined of clean and healthy system anytime in its future,it will be YOU who are going to take lead and do something. I dont ideally suggest “SK Dubey”,he was alone in the ocean(hats off to his courage,sm1 in 100yrs)so cudnt blew whistle in more diplomatic manner. But only if he gets your hand and my shoulders and his support,then only He can do something. Who dares to stand before even 1crore of motivated and determined people like you wiling to eradicate system weakneses.REVOLUTION with COURAGE and VISION is needed. Does the Laloo sitting there or even say mayawati,umabharti,digvijay,PM arre bhai any1 has more abiltiy to leadership than any of our well educated masses,than you.JUST THINK over it. A person honest at heart and free of paralysing tensions only can be a good leader in interst of the country. These guys are wasting country’s precious time n resources in cat n dog fight for seats.WHY ?? U hv to find answer

Posted by: Munish Goyal, 10-12-2003 at 2108 hours IST

• An indians concern

I am from bihar, an indian, an IITain. I am concerned. For the last month we (all my friends and myself , who r abroad) were having discussion about contributing to our motherland. Yesterday i read the autobiography of APJ Abdul Kalam. Today i read this article about S K Dubey. I am concerened, deeply moved. Lets stop discussing, lets make a difference. If each of us stop corruption at a personal level, at the basic level, we can kill this virus. Lets make a rule for joining this e-group. Only people who will not involve themselves in corruption can join here. No bribe for kerosene, house, loans, promotion, admission. Let me tell u its tough.. Lets try this!

Posted by: apurva, 10-12-2003 at 2053 hours IST

• Murder of Shri Dubey

Dear Sir, The CBI, It looks BIG. But if we see the past, it has not yielded any results. It is a puppet in the hands of our politicians. Take any case it has handled, BOFORS or any other murder case involving the Bureaucrats and politicians. The case would have lost its potential with time. Actually every politician in India is corrupt. For example Mr. Laloo, shall he not be directly responsible for this killing of Shri Dubey. But unless this murder was raised in the public by the media he and his queen were sitting quiet. Sometimes I feel ashamed that we go to Vote for such politicians.

Posted by: Sandeep, 10-12-2003 at 1320 hours IST

• punish

I don’t know when in Bihar the situation will improve .. First of all administration should bring the responsible people for killing to the justise .. and secondly we should not only punish the person who have killed rather whole maafia who are involved into such manpractice should be wiped off ..

Posted by: Gagan, 10-12-2003 at 1205 hours IST

• Dubey’s murder..

This incident makes me think, if there is any difference between the right and the wrong in our society. We have decayed to such a low level that we simply do not tolertate any small bit honesty left in our soceity. Mera bhrath mahan!!!

Posted by: Manjunath Basappa, 10-12-2003 at 0658 hours IST

• Indian tears

Those who are feeling bad or trying to be a ‘holy cow’ should just ask one question to himself—- Did he try to know whether his father,uncle are earning honestly-be it a shopkeeper,lawyer,doctor,agent whatever.Are they not stealing on sales-tax,Income-tax.What did one do for it?

Posted by: Prabhat Kumar, 07-12-2003 at 1753 hours IST

• Indian tears

Those who are feeling bad or trying to be a ‘holy cow’ should just ask one question to himself—- Did he try to know whether his father,uncle are earning honestly-be it a shopkeeper,lawyer,doctor,agent whatever.Are they not stealing on sales-tax,Income-tax.What did one do for it?

Posted by: Prabhat Kumar, 07-12-2003 at 1710 hours IST

• Lalooland

And this one will really boil any marbles that are left in your brains.. Responding to Bihar DGP Ojha’s comments about corrupt politicians the Bihar govt. decides to kick him out. Check out Laloo’s comments (source: : “Commenting on Ojha’s removal, Laloo on Saturday said: “We have tolerated him for very long.” Dissent is a bulwark of democracy and our dear leaders are doing a good job hacking away at it. Mr. Laloo Yadav surely seems to be in a lala-land for all that matters.

Posted by: Gaurav, 07-12-2003 at 0323 hours IST

• You must be joking Mr. Feynman

I agree with Borun Choudhary. Was he that dumb? As a punishment, he should have been sent to work on the Golden gate instead of sitting in Kodurma working on Golden Quadrangle BS. Hell, this reminds me of Michael Moore’s book’s title “DUDE, where is my country?”

Posted by: Gaurav, 07-12-2003 at 0311 hours IST

• Corruption in India is deep rooted and tops are involved

Sir, It is not satyendra even any one who is disclosing the fact they will be punished. Once I faught corruption in science I have been punished and my promotion has been stoped. All top news papers including hindu has published against that fellow now that fellow after retirement is top scientist and adv. I dont like to disclose the name as I know the future. Its bad thing and hope will become more bad in comming days. In India less knowledge peoples are getting top position and real workers with lot of research publications and awards are serving the country at very lower position. I have a lot but no use to bother here. Thanks

Posted by: vivek, 07-12-2003 at 0158 hours IST

• Sacrice of Satyendra Dubey

I congratulate the team of Indian Express News Paper Group to bring such news and to follow up. Murder of Mr Dubey brought the result to awake the corrupt Politicains and the Bureaucrats. PM of India and the CM of Bihar responded the public demand of CBI inquiry in this case. PIL filed in Supreme Court. Online petition to PM filed. Intelectuals of India raised their voice with result. This case is not gone on deaf ears of Public Servants those donot bother to take any action on complaints and through such letters in wastepaper basket of their office without reply to the complainant or acknowledging the letter for years together. The way the INDIAN EXPRESS IS EXPOSING THE SCAMS AND SUCH CASE DESERVE ALL PRAISES FROM THE PUBLIC.LONG LIVE THE IE JOURNALISTS. It is shocking that the PM office take all the complaints in just a routine without informing the complainant where his coplaint is send or what action is taken. The PM should give more importance for egovernance in govrnment offices of Centre and State Governments to erridicate the corrution from India and the officers should be held responsible if he /she donot reply the e-mail within 7 days Dr RKD Goel, Vadodara-India

Posted by: DR RKD GOEL, 07-12-2003 at 0112 hours IST

• Dubey ‘ murder

I feel that every one from the PM – downstairs is responsible for the corruption. Bihar of course is at the top of the corruption list. How can the people of Bihar accept apolitican who can be awarded “THE MOST CORRUPT” politician in India. An honest man who could have got a really good job – chose to help the nation – by joining a Govt job – and also by exposing the fraud in dept he is working in. Thanks IE for having put up this story on Front page – again with the risk of the wrath of the govt.

Posted by: Kiran Emani, 07-12-2003 at 0000 hours IST

• Satyamev Jayate

Every time I read something about Satyendra Kumar Dubey, it pains me no end that the the top politicians like Mr.Vajpayee, Mr.Advani, leader of oppostion Ms Sonia Gandhi are not even condemning this incident leave alone of talking about taking actions. And also how is it that ” Indian Express” is the only news paper which is covering incident, might be other papers are busy glorifying these corrupt politicians, cant they give a little space in their papers so that some sense will prevail in some one in power and the culprits are brought to book. There is absolutely no value of ” LIFE” in India and especially in Bihar where almost all the politicians are Criminals. Its utter waste to even expect that one day India will become corruption free….dont know how many Dubeys are required to clean this menace.

Posted by: Sachin Kanjikar, 06-12-2003 at 2229 hours IST

• full inquiry

there are two things that remain to be seen one, is whether the govt , the PMO and investigating agencies can find the source of the identity leak. and second, whether these people would be dealt as accomplices to murder. junta wants to see swift and strict action.

Posted by: abhishek , 06-12-2003 at 2128 hours IST

• About comment from Vigilance officer

After reading vigilance officers comment, I so much appreciate the comment from another person who wrote the open letter. He said, in his letter, that these people have never learnt to stand straight, how can you expect them to give justice. Bloody enuch acting as vigilance officer (no offence to enuchs). If he has any shame (which I am doubtful of) he should look for a cup of water somehere. Devendra Tripathi, Chennai

Posted by: Devendra Tripathi, 06-12-2003 at 2128 hours IST

• Hon’ble Sir,

Let indian express open an account for the benefit of Mr Dube and we send whatever money we can to help his family. Let us honour him.Give A/C and we send .

Posted by: khan, 06-12-2003 at 2124 hours IST

• Miles to go before we civilize

This kind of Barbarian acts (killing of Dubey) , close nexus between our poticians and contract companies and government officials to loot public money and corruption are the only things which makes our progress sluggish. This is the time we should vow to weed out corruption completely from our country. Citizen like me feel helpless. Will the honest President and Prime Minister go that extra mile to put a full stop for such events in India and pave the way for us to reach the destination we desrve?

Posted by: STM_IITian, 06-12-2003 at 2058 hours IST

• leaked, Sir,

Sir ye baccha samai ke sath nahi chala aur nahi usne bahati ganga mai haath dhoye.bas itna sa gunah hai. but people should keep on teaching good and some day good days will come. Aisa mera biswas hai

Posted by: khan mohammed ghulam, 06-12-2003 at 2056 hours IST

• Another Crime

It will be an another crime if the Govt of India does not take action against the culprits. Dubey, you lost your life for a country where honesty has no value.

Posted by: Pradeep Nag, 06-12-2003 at 1937 hours IST

• What r we doing?

If someone sees/hears about some corrupt person, that person (normally) just ignores that act of corruption. By this we as Indians are individually responsible for the spread of corruption. No government organization can work effectively, unless we help them out. Just by criticizing things are not going to improve. So, Lets work together on this. Let one person walk, others should join the path. Difficulties would always be there, but solutions are available to the person who attempts to solve the problem! Jai Hind!!!

Posted by: Indian, 06-12-2003 at 1757 hours IST

• tribute to Satyendra Kumar Dubey

Is PM of India taking note of this??? How do we expect to retain brain in India in such horrendous working condition? It is no wonder that Bihar government will not take any action. In fact we should not expect any action from the politicians like Lalu Prasad Yadaw, who him self is one of the most corrupt man. This is the wake up call for all honest people to be united to fight against corrupt people. Let us start it from today from individuals working premise. Thank you Indian-express for bringing this news at national level.

Posted by: Sachin, 06-12-2003 at 1738 hours IST

• Reprimanding Satyendra

My name says it all. I, like other readers in this column, am an honorable citizen while the ‘babus’ are not. Dissolv the IAS service, that is the only way to get rid of these skunks. Every citizen of India has the right to communicate directly to the Prime Minister and the President of India. They are our leaders, paid for by our tax money. If some skunks thought otherwise which cost Satyendra his life, chain those skunks, bobbitize them in public and left them to bleed to death.

Posted by: Honorable citizen, 06-12-2003 at 1728 hours IST

• Mr. Dubey’s murder

I feel it is almost top to bottom corruption including all govt officials right below the PM to the bottom. Those bunch of corrupt officials are destroying the very country in which their future generations will have to live and work. They are virtually uprooting the tree which is feeding them and will feed their next generations too. There should be a bunch of young gernerations ready to die for eliminating these corrupt folks. Police will not do anything. If these dedicated youths can punish these officials with their own hand, we will see very positive results.

Posted by: T.K. Mukherjee, 06-12-2003 at 1704 hours IST

• This boy deserves a medal.

Stories like this sadden every Indian who reads them. At least now the PM can do something make amends. Make him a hero who is recognised by every little child in the country. Award him a medal for losing his life being upright. Make him an example to be emulated. Don’t let others who want to do the same back off seeing what happened to him. Let not the bad guys win. Satyameva jayathey!

Posted by: J S, 06-12-2003 at 1636 hours IST

• SK Dubey …..

There is no derth of incompetent and inefficient officials in all spheres of life. Hiring and promoting undeserving people under reserve categories have given rise to such a heneious level of irresponsibility. Its tragic that we have accepted ‘corruption’ as a way of life and its true in all levels of achelones and powers that be.

Posted by: Dr AC Kumar, 06-12-2003 at 1518 hours IST

• How to overcome such disaster

Can the PMO now come out with a solution to avoid such leakage of whistle-blowers’ name by giving wide publicity to the websites and email id of PMO et al, where such gross plundering of national wealth and similar information can be posted. Intelligence agencies need to advise the countrymen at large on how to protect one’s identity while exposing such irregularities. Else, there will be very few or no exposures of any evil perpetrated on the Country.

Posted by: Aravind, 06-12-2003 at 1415 hours IST

• sk dubey’s murder

shocked and dismayed to say the least.careless and unconcerned attitude of the officers who are away from all the action in field should be seriouly viewed.a deterrent punishment ,say life imprisonment in such cases should be given in such cases to the guilty who contributed ,may be unknowingly,to the murder of an honest and upright officer.

Posted by: vijay, 06-12-2003 at 1320 hours IST

• s.k.dubey murder

it reflects corruptions in upper circle of govt.of india

Posted by: j.p.singh, 06-12-2003 at 1300 hours IST


In This MASSIVE POPULATED Country, to Find a HONEST Upright Man, is RARE, then also, the EFFORT His Parents Took to Cultivate VALUES in this MAN, with EDUCATION Bill Running In One’s LIFE SAVING ( I.I.T.) and Throwing away a GOVT: JOB ,and The MOST PRECIOUS ( LIFE) of The Person EXPOSING, what Has The GOVT: LOST NOTHING, some Files and Additional Papers, with Ink Signatures. WHO WOULD PAY THE PRICE FOR NATIONAL MORALITY./??? If The Culprits are Not BOOKED BIHAR GOVT: Would LOOSE its NEXT GOVT:.

Posted by: Ravi Sharma, 06-12-2003 at 1139 hours IST

• We are waiting to see progress…

The job of the investigators is now clear – it was reported that the police had two angles to pursue, including one of “robbery”. It seems clear that the “robbery” angle MUST be dropped.

Posted by: Ramkumar Perumal, 06-12-2003 at 1041 hours IST

• Satyendra Dube

It is really sad that a high official in the Government had reprimanded an honest official for having written to the PM directly. This shows, how much the Babu culture has spread in this country. It does not matter whehter you tell the truth or not. It does not matter even if an innocent officer or a group of people are killed. Only procedures have to be followed. The legacy of babudom left by the British is still killing the country. It is tme our IAS babus (gloriefied clerks – what else) are trained to see reason and purpose behind the actions of fellow officers rather than follow procedures and thereby sacrifice the very purpose for which they have been appointed. Narayanan

Posted by: K. Narayanan, 06-12-2003 at 0726 hours IST

• Dont make us cry

Oh no. Please stop and give us time to cry.

Posted by: Justin, 06-12-2003 at 0722 hours IST

• Leak the vigilance officer’s name!!

I wish IE would “Leak” the name of the name of the idiotic vigilance officer who instead of taking Satyendra Dubey’s letter seriously, actually reprimanded him. An enquiry should be immediatedly instituted if the concerned officer was on the pay-roll of the Mafia.

Posted by: Sunil, 06-12-2003 at 0712 hours IST

• Dubey – the true ‘honarable’

In his second letter, the honest citizen addressed the authorities as ‘Hon’ble Sir’. NO ONE IN THE GOVT IS HONARABLE. Citizens fo India, stand up and fight if you want true freedom. But be careful of the ‘Hon’ble’ ones.

Posted by: Sapna R, 06-12-2003 at 0650 hours IST

• many more stories to come.

It is a very sad story of a young man who had whole of his life in front of him.Sachai Ka Mool Nahin,Chup Hoja Kuch Bhool Nahin. Thank you

Posted by: A reader, 06-12-2003 at 0543 hours IST

• Disgusting to the guts

Reprimanded !!!! Sure he should have been reprimanded. What right did he have to snatch the luxurious cars and women out of the hands of the contractors and his boses for a petty goal like the Golden Quadrilateral. Sure he should have been reprimanded for being so dumb as to trust the PMO. How could he have done that ? Are not the people who clear the JEE really bright. Sure he should have been reprimanded for being Satyendra.

Posted by: Borun Dev Chowdhury, 06-12-2003 at 0450 hours IST

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SKDF failed to use the good will and support of Indian Express in seeking justice for Dubey. Ashutosh Aman Mishra has Failed in this as Director of SKDF

Ashutosh Aman Mishra, Atal Bansal and Moderator Kalyan Panda have FAILED in their duties in SKDF.

THREE of them in SKDF drove away members from SKDF, when members raised questions about ACCOUNTABILITY.

Moderator Kalyan Panda instead of following the MESSAGE of martyr SKD, He used SKDF to MALIGN current WHISTLEBLOWERS.

Moderator Kalyan Panda has IMPLANTED emails in SKDF Yahoogroup to settle personal scores.

These THREE did not even understand the MESSAGE of martyr SKD and helped in DERAILING the CBI Investigation.

PIL filed by SKDF was BUNGLED by asking concentrating only in BIHAR STATE. martyr SKD had written a CHARGESHEET to PMO.

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martyr SKD message

A dream project of unparalleled importance to the Nation but in reality a great loot of public money because of very poor implementation at every state.

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Engineer death: No arrests yet, cops have some proof – Saturday, 11-29-2003

Engineer death: No arrests yet, cops have some proof death: No arrests yet, cops have some proof

Posted online: Saturday, November 29, 2003 at 0000 hours IST

KODERMA, NOVEMBER 28: You would appreciate that the disclosure…has exposed me to undesirable pressure and threats,’’ reads a note left behind by the 30-year-old IIT-Kanpur engineer who was shot dead yesterday in the neighbouring Gaya town in Bihar. Today, the body of Satendra Kumar Dubey — National Highway Authority of India’s Gaya unit in-charge — was cremated at his hometown in Siwan. During his posting at Koderma, while the construction of the 180-km highway between Aurangabad and Barwadda was on under the Golden Quadrilateral project, Dubey had reportedly ruffled many a feather. ‘‘He was honest to the core. Vested interests and the corrupt had ganged up against him because he wanted the work done as per the government specifications,’’ said an accountant requesting anonymity. Dubey’s younger brother Dhananjay told Gaya SP Sanjay Singh: ‘‘He would get very upset. But he always said he will not tolerate any hanky-panky.’’

Police inspected Dubey’s house and seized a sheet of paper carrying Dubey’s undated and unsigned note this morning. ‘‘At the moment, we are working on two possibilities: Murder after loot of his belongings (suitcase containing dress material and a mobile phone) or conspiracy leading to murder,’’ Singh said.

Asked if police had come across any other documentary evidence corroborating murder conspiracy, Singh said: ‘‘We have seized documents showing he never took lightly his unceremonious transfer from Koderma to Gaya. Complaining against it, he had even written to the NHAI’s chairman and the PM.’’ No arrest has been made yet. If the NHAI’s New Delhi-based General Manager Ashok Kumar is to be believed, Dubey was promoted to the rank of Dy General Manager on Oct 31. ‘‘I don’t know much about his case as I have taken charge recently,’’ Kumar said.

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IIT engineer stood up to highway corruption, shot dead in Bihar – Friday 11-28-2003


IIT engineer stood up to highway corruption, shot dead in Bihar engineer stood up to highway corruption, shot dead in Bihar

Posted online: Friday, November 28, 2003 at 0000 hours IST

PATNA/NEW DELHI, NOVEMBER 27: That the most serious roadblocks on the Golden Quadrilateral are in Bihar and Jharkhand was underlined once again when a senior engineer of the National Highways Authority of India (NHAI) who had complained against allegedly corrupt contractors was shot dead by unidentified assailants early this morning at Gaya. Satyendra Dubey, an IIT Kanpur graduate in his mid-30s, was supervising construction of the Prime Minister?s dream project in the Koderma division in Jharkhand and had been recently promoted as a deputy general manager.Dubey had a reputation for being an upright and honest official. According to the FIR filed by his brother, this probably cost him his life. Gaya Superintendent of Police Sanjay Singh, also a classmate of Dubey at IIT, said the engineer had just been appointed as project director in Koderma and was asked by the NHAI to taken charge at the earliest.

But NHAI officials here said such an order had not yet been passed though there was every likelihood of him being posted there.He worked in Koderma as a project manager till August when he was transferred to Gaya. During his tenure, he got the contractor of the project to suspend three of his engineers after exposing their mishandling of funds.

According to the FIR, Dubey had been facing several threats following his stern action.

Dubey had even written to the NHAI and to the Prime Minister?s Office detailing the financial irregularities in the project, and this may have irked some, said Singh. Recently Dubey took a departmental test and was promoted as deputy general manager, which made him eligible to take charge as project director. Since there was no project director?s post in Gaya, he was likely to be posted to Koderma soon.

The police suspect someone who found it inconvenient to have Dubey as the director eliminated him. Meanwhile, NHAI has rushed in senior officials from Varanasi and Gorakhpur to take stock of the situation and assist the local police in investigations.

Dubey had arrived at Gaya railway station from Varanasi around 3 am today. However, he did not find his driver at the station and called up his home only to learn that the vehicle had apparently developed some mechanical problem.

According to NHAI officials here, Dubey asked his driver to wait at home while he took a rickshaw back. But he did not reach home and the worried driver apparently went out looking for him, only to find Dubey lying dead near A P colony.

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