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Hands off IIMs Moderator N. M. Havewala Letter to Avenge Dubey’s death![May 18th 2004] Not followed up by IITians Atal Bansal and Ashutosh Aman Mishra

Hands off IIMs Moderator N. M. Havewala Letter to RAMBO to Avenge Dubey’s death!
[May 18th 2004]

Dear Rambo,

Avenge Dubey’s death: continue his work: expose the loot at NHAI.

Yes, this ad is the small end of the wedge which will help us to uncover the total loot that has been going on.

Imagine limiting competition for a work worth 3 crores to fellows who have done same work worth over 4.8!

The work is a standard civil construction, not specialised thing like Nuclear Reactor.

Okay, here is the suggestion.

We have heard reams and reams of emails exchanged over bringing the murderers of Dubey to justice.

The beaureaucrats have not bothered, since the mafia was led directly by Atal Bhaj-payee.

But now he can’t protect them, and let us fire a first, decisive, salvo. If you like the idea, float it, see how much interest is generated among members.

In the meantime, I look for the email, fax and snailmail addresses of all who matter (or will matter for a few days more) in the “Golden Quadrilateral Project” and National Highways Authority of India.

In the first phase we email/fax/snailmail these fellows, and in two days, not having got a satisfactory response,

we demand action from the new minister who takes over this ministry.

We make a demand that till the matters exposed by Dubey are examined,and till the new government gets a chance to re-examine every tender, all new tenders and orders be stopped.

Including, but not limited to a Rs. 6 crore tender advertised today for constuction of two toll plazas.

This 6 crore tender is out and out a fraud: the qualifying criteria are so worded that only one or two companies will qualify, and there is no need to limit in this way, this is not a Nuclear Reactor.

For a tender worth Rs.6 crores for 2 plazas (meaning each is worth Rs.3 crores), the qualifying requirement is that the contractor should have done atleast one toll plaza valued at over Rs.4.8 crore. Pray why?

Is construction of (buildings roofs cabins barriers, street furniture signage and roads which together make) a toll plaza such a specialised job that only one who has made a toll plaza worth 4.8 crores only can do it? And in the recent history of Indian Highways with toll plazas, how many contractors would have done a job worth 4.8 crores in Toll Plaza alone? And how can the pre qualification amount be higher than the upcoming job’s value ?

The ad would have appeared in all newspapers, I saw it in today’s Times page 12 Bombay edition.

If you want your group to do something concrete, start with something which appeals to a large number of people and would bring immediate,demonstrable success. Grab this fraud and stop it.

N. M. Havewala.
Hands off IIMs Moderator


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