Momentum of martyr SKD not converted to MOVEMENT for WHISTLEBLOWERS by SKDF

Comments from people from The INDIAN EXPRESS – Ashutosh Aman Mishra NEGLECTED all of this and acted like DICTATOR in SKDF.

‘My identity has been leaked, Sir, this disclosure has exposed me to undesirable pressures, threats’

He wrote this second letter: And guess what he got for his first: ‘reprimand’ from Vigilance Officer

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• culprits are in front of your eyes

Investigate the ‘reprimand’ of the CVO to SKDubey and you have exposed chain of all involved. This is most obvious in all facts of his murder.

Posted by: rekha, India, 27-11-2004 at 0459 hours IST

• fix the cvo of nhai

the fact that the cvo of nhai had reprmanded dubey for complaining to the PMO is evidence enough to preponder that he was hand in glove and responsible for leaking the name of dubey to the persons who were involved in the malpractices reported by dubey this cvo should be chargesheeted as a co-accused in the murder case, even suo -moto by the cvc and supreme court and not let off by being sent back to his parent cadre, if nothing is done we should file a PIL against the wolf in vigilance officers clothing.

Posted by: umrao, India, 02-09-2004 at 2234 hours IST

• Dubeji’s Murder

Sitting outside India as an NRI and a proud citizen of India I instantly feel very ASHAMED to call myself an Indian because this is not the India i had dreamed of. Mr. Vajpayee, going around the worls making treaties and tarde pacts and maiking friends with longtime enemies is all good and dandy but if you cannot have your own country, house or even your own office in any order you MUST NOT take any credit for anything. It is a wke up call for your adminstration. You must take personnel interest in this filwe and get the justice served because if you leave it to your CORRUPT officials nothing will happen and some another, honest, loyal and caring individual would loose his/her life in vain. Has you office ever analysed, or though why there are so many hard working and talented professionals in all field of specialzation leaving the conutry they are born and brought up (i.e. India) and choose to become NRI and contribute thier skills and knowledge to another country. As a proud IITian I tried working in India BUT was appaled with the wide spread corruption in one your very respected Public Sector Undertaking. Like myself millions of us have been forced out of india. India lost a lot

Posted by: Mike , 09-01-2004 at 2008 hours IST


Next time when u call urself ‘indian’, think about it. We r not united. CORRUPTION is not the major evil. LACK OF UNITY is the evil. Its high time we make a solid decision. Either get sync n united, or accept ur defeat. STOP blamming politicians n mafias. ITS US. we let them grow. Let us initiate a movement. not just to claim justic for the murder of a honest govt officer, but to protect honest citizen of the future. We must use internet and other communication mediums inorder to gather HUGE mass. then we can make a national movement with a common slogan. so….. winners? or losers??? up to u. up to me. UP TO US.

Posted by: Vignesh P, 18-12-2003 at 2042 hours IST

• Vajpayee owes to SKDubey and INDIA

Mr. Vajpayee, Either get the killers to justice OR Resign as being unable to protect one single good citizen of INDIA

Posted by: Radha Chivukula, 15-12-2003 at 0120 hours IST

• Disgrace

Sir this one incident has made it evident why India has mot come up in economic status in the world.Such brains whose contribution to our country to great heights if treated like this ,how will u ever find u ever think of a developed country?please give a serious thought to this and please make the law more sealed without loopholes so that the miscreants are duly punished

Posted by: DAVE, 13-12-2003 at 0031 hours IST

• Why not a single public protest

I am surprised at the stance of the political parties towards murder of Shri Satyendra Dubey. Cant we force them to take a stand and do protests (peacefully and purposefully offcourse) till the corrupt and the people behind the murder are behind the bars..

Posted by: raghav, 12-12-2003 at 1946 hours IST

• Mr. Vajpayee wake up!!

Vajpayee ji it is not enough that you have successfully completed 4 years in office without a blemish on your character. It is really surprising that someone in the PMO right under your nose leaks out the name of upright complainant. Please at least ensure that your own house is in order…. I believe the person who leaked the name should be tried for murder as a co-conspirator. Kindly find that sob and try him for the murder of Mr. Dubey. This would be the biggest achievement of your government and help in earning the faith of this nation. Jai Hind!!

Posted by: Gourav Varma, 12-12-2003 at 0046 hours IST

• I am ashamed to be a citizen of this nation

This is indeed shocking, but expected in a place as corrupt,lawless and uncouth as Bihar. I would have liked to move a motion to hand over the political figures and mafias to the huns or the cannibals in Africa.

Posted by: Adam Gautam, 11-12-2003 at 1508 hours IST

• this is the real india for you ladies and gentleman

succumb to this… india is not shining as it should… such lives are more precious then the growing economy… and not to forget the even growing corrupt officials… India is shining and so are they… and what about dubey and the likes of him??? well they are not shining… and we call ourselves proud Indians… politicians and political parties stay out of this…

• corruption

S. K. Dubey’s death is sad indeed. What is more sad is our government and the officials took absolutely no steps to protect him or Indians in general. Government works properly when people raise their voices against corruption. We people have become so selfish that we tolerate every kind of adharma in our country. Take for example, in order to get a death certificate people have to bribe officials. For GOD’s sake the person is dead. When I as a student went to get concession to travel in train(Trichy), I had to go around for three weeks to get one ticket. Finally I shouted in front of everybody if they wanted bribe. Most government employees live on the blood and sweat of poor people. The only option is to close all these unprofitable and corrupt government services and send all the corrupt officials to go and do masduri . Talented and good people will always get jobs. The point is people have to act. People have to form organizations that track corruption and report them. Americans are very good at this. They have organizations for each and every thing right from tracking government officials to tracking industries. Let us learn from them how to run a democracy.

Posted by: Raghu, 11-12-2003 at 0406 hours IST

• Dubey

This is a very sad event. We need to Identify the Staff in PMO and press criminal charges against them and also dismiss them from Service, no matter what their rank is. we also need to bring the culprits to Law and punish them severly

Posted by: Dinesh, 10-12-2003 at 2248 hours IST

• The system corrupts

Talk of top or of lowest level employee, all are involved. Even if they dont see in discrete and big highlighted perspective,the words,BRIBE and CORRUPTION, they are into it. It has become a part of their duties and ofcourse their RIGHTS. So if INDIA is destined of clean and healthy system anytime in its future,it will be YOU who are going to take lead and do something. I dont ideally suggest “SK Dubey”,he was alone in the ocean(hats off to his courage,sm1 in 100yrs)so cudnt blew whistle in more diplomatic manner. But only if he gets your hand and my shoulders and his support,then only He can do something. Who dares to stand before even 1crore of motivated and determined people like you wiling to eradicate system weakneses.REVOLUTION with COURAGE and VISION is needed. Does the Laloo sitting there or even say mayawati,umabharti,digvijay,PM arre bhai any1 has more abiltiy to leadership than any of our well educated masses,than you.JUST THINK over it. A person honest at heart and free of paralysing tensions only can be a good leader in interst of the country. These guys are wasting country’s precious time n resources in cat n dog fight for seats.WHY ?? U hv to find answer

Posted by: Munish Goyal, 10-12-2003 at 2108 hours IST

• An indians concern

I am from bihar, an indian, an IITain. I am concerned. For the last month we (all my friends and myself , who r abroad) were having discussion about contributing to our motherland. Yesterday i read the autobiography of APJ Abdul Kalam. Today i read this article about S K Dubey. I am concerened, deeply moved. Lets stop discussing, lets make a difference. If each of us stop corruption at a personal level, at the basic level, we can kill this virus. Lets make a rule for joining this e-group. Only people who will not involve themselves in corruption can join here. No bribe for kerosene, house, loans, promotion, admission. Let me tell u its tough.. Lets try this!

Posted by: apurva, 10-12-2003 at 2053 hours IST

• Murder of Shri Dubey

Dear Sir, The CBI, It looks BIG. But if we see the past, it has not yielded any results. It is a puppet in the hands of our politicians. Take any case it has handled, BOFORS or any other murder case involving the Bureaucrats and politicians. The case would have lost its potential with time. Actually every politician in India is corrupt. For example Mr. Laloo, shall he not be directly responsible for this killing of Shri Dubey. But unless this murder was raised in the public by the media he and his queen were sitting quiet. Sometimes I feel ashamed that we go to Vote for such politicians.

Posted by: Sandeep, 10-12-2003 at 1320 hours IST

• punish

I don’t know when in Bihar the situation will improve .. First of all administration should bring the responsible people for killing to the justise .. and secondly we should not only punish the person who have killed rather whole maafia who are involved into such manpractice should be wiped off ..

Posted by: Gagan, 10-12-2003 at 1205 hours IST

• Dubey’s murder..

This incident makes me think, if there is any difference between the right and the wrong in our society. We have decayed to such a low level that we simply do not tolertate any small bit honesty left in our soceity. Mera bhrath mahan!!!

Posted by: Manjunath Basappa, 10-12-2003 at 0658 hours IST

• Indian tears

Those who are feeling bad or trying to be a ‘holy cow’ should just ask one question to himself—- Did he try to know whether his father,uncle are earning honestly-be it a shopkeeper,lawyer,doctor,agent whatever.Are they not stealing on sales-tax,Income-tax.What did one do for it?

Posted by: Prabhat Kumar, 07-12-2003 at 1753 hours IST

• Indian tears

Those who are feeling bad or trying to be a ‘holy cow’ should just ask one question to himself—- Did he try to know whether his father,uncle are earning honestly-be it a shopkeeper,lawyer,doctor,agent whatever.Are they not stealing on sales-tax,Income-tax.What did one do for it?

Posted by: Prabhat Kumar, 07-12-2003 at 1710 hours IST

• Lalooland

And this one will really boil any marbles that are left in your brains.. Responding to Bihar DGP Ojha’s comments about corrupt politicians the Bihar govt. decides to kick him out. Check out Laloo’s comments (source: : “Commenting on Ojha’s removal, Laloo on Saturday said: “We have tolerated him for very long.” Dissent is a bulwark of democracy and our dear leaders are doing a good job hacking away at it. Mr. Laloo Yadav surely seems to be in a lala-land for all that matters.

Posted by: Gaurav, 07-12-2003 at 0323 hours IST

• You must be joking Mr. Feynman

I agree with Borun Choudhary. Was he that dumb? As a punishment, he should have been sent to work on the Golden gate instead of sitting in Kodurma working on Golden Quadrangle BS. Hell, this reminds me of Michael Moore’s book’s title “DUDE, where is my country?”

Posted by: Gaurav, 07-12-2003 at 0311 hours IST

• Corruption in India is deep rooted and tops are involved

Sir, It is not satyendra even any one who is disclosing the fact they will be punished. Once I faught corruption in science I have been punished and my promotion has been stoped. All top news papers including hindu has published against that fellow now that fellow after retirement is top scientist and adv. I dont like to disclose the name as I know the future. Its bad thing and hope will become more bad in comming days. In India less knowledge peoples are getting top position and real workers with lot of research publications and awards are serving the country at very lower position. I have a lot but no use to bother here. Thanks

Posted by: vivek, 07-12-2003 at 0158 hours IST

• Sacrice of Satyendra Dubey

I congratulate the team of Indian Express News Paper Group to bring such news and to follow up. Murder of Mr Dubey brought the result to awake the corrupt Politicains and the Bureaucrats. PM of India and the CM of Bihar responded the public demand of CBI inquiry in this case. PIL filed in Supreme Court. Online petition to PM filed. Intelectuals of India raised their voice with result. This case is not gone on deaf ears of Public Servants those donot bother to take any action on complaints and through such letters in wastepaper basket of their office without reply to the complainant or acknowledging the letter for years together. The way the INDIAN EXPRESS IS EXPOSING THE SCAMS AND SUCH CASE DESERVE ALL PRAISES FROM THE PUBLIC.LONG LIVE THE IE JOURNALISTS. It is shocking that the PM office take all the complaints in just a routine without informing the complainant where his coplaint is send or what action is taken. The PM should give more importance for egovernance in govrnment offices of Centre and State Governments to erridicate the corrution from India and the officers should be held responsible if he /she donot reply the e-mail within 7 days Dr RKD Goel, Vadodara-India

Posted by: DR RKD GOEL, 07-12-2003 at 0112 hours IST

• Dubey ‘ murder

I feel that every one from the PM – downstairs is responsible for the corruption. Bihar of course is at the top of the corruption list. How can the people of Bihar accept apolitican who can be awarded “THE MOST CORRUPT” politician in India. An honest man who could have got a really good job – chose to help the nation – by joining a Govt job – and also by exposing the fraud in dept he is working in. Thanks IE for having put up this story on Front page – again with the risk of the wrath of the govt.

Posted by: Kiran Emani, 07-12-2003 at 0000 hours IST

• Satyamev Jayate

Every time I read something about Satyendra Kumar Dubey, it pains me no end that the the top politicians like Mr.Vajpayee, Mr.Advani, leader of oppostion Ms Sonia Gandhi are not even condemning this incident leave alone of talking about taking actions. And also how is it that ” Indian Express” is the only news paper which is covering incident, might be other papers are busy glorifying these corrupt politicians, cant they give a little space in their papers so that some sense will prevail in some one in power and the culprits are brought to book. There is absolutely no value of ” LIFE” in India and especially in Bihar where almost all the politicians are Criminals. Its utter waste to even expect that one day India will become corruption free….dont know how many Dubeys are required to clean this menace.

Posted by: Sachin Kanjikar, 06-12-2003 at 2229 hours IST

• full inquiry

there are two things that remain to be seen one, is whether the govt , the PMO and investigating agencies can find the source of the identity leak. and second, whether these people would be dealt as accomplices to murder. junta wants to see swift and strict action.

Posted by: abhishek , 06-12-2003 at 2128 hours IST

• About comment from Vigilance officer

After reading vigilance officers comment, I so much appreciate the comment from another person who wrote the open letter. He said, in his letter, that these people have never learnt to stand straight, how can you expect them to give justice. Bloody enuch acting as vigilance officer (no offence to enuchs). If he has any shame (which I am doubtful of) he should look for a cup of water somehere. Devendra Tripathi, Chennai

Posted by: Devendra Tripathi, 06-12-2003 at 2128 hours IST

• Hon’ble Sir,

Let indian express open an account for the benefit of Mr Dube and we send whatever money we can to help his family. Let us honour him.Give A/C and we send .

Posted by: khan, 06-12-2003 at 2124 hours IST

• Miles to go before we civilize

This kind of Barbarian acts (killing of Dubey) , close nexus between our poticians and contract companies and government officials to loot public money and corruption are the only things which makes our progress sluggish. This is the time we should vow to weed out corruption completely from our country. Citizen like me feel helpless. Will the honest President and Prime Minister go that extra mile to put a full stop for such events in India and pave the way for us to reach the destination we desrve?

Posted by: STM_IITian, 06-12-2003 at 2058 hours IST

• leaked, Sir,

Sir ye baccha samai ke sath nahi chala aur nahi usne bahati ganga mai haath dhoye.bas itna sa gunah hai. but people should keep on teaching good and some day good days will come. Aisa mera biswas hai

Posted by: khan mohammed ghulam, 06-12-2003 at 2056 hours IST

• Another Crime

It will be an another crime if the Govt of India does not take action against the culprits. Dubey, you lost your life for a country where honesty has no value.

Posted by: Pradeep Nag, 06-12-2003 at 1937 hours IST

• What r we doing?

If someone sees/hears about some corrupt person, that person (normally) just ignores that act of corruption. By this we as Indians are individually responsible for the spread of corruption. No government organization can work effectively, unless we help them out. Just by criticizing things are not going to improve. So, Lets work together on this. Let one person walk, others should join the path. Difficulties would always be there, but solutions are available to the person who attempts to solve the problem! Jai Hind!!!

Posted by: Indian, 06-12-2003 at 1757 hours IST

• tribute to Satyendra Kumar Dubey

Is PM of India taking note of this??? How do we expect to retain brain in India in such horrendous working condition? It is no wonder that Bihar government will not take any action. In fact we should not expect any action from the politicians like Lalu Prasad Yadaw, who him self is one of the most corrupt man. This is the wake up call for all honest people to be united to fight against corrupt people. Let us start it from today from individuals working premise. Thank you Indian-express for bringing this news at national level.

Posted by: Sachin, 06-12-2003 at 1738 hours IST

• Reprimanding Satyendra

My name says it all. I, like other readers in this column, am an honorable citizen while the ‘babus’ are not. Dissolv the IAS service, that is the only way to get rid of these skunks. Every citizen of India has the right to communicate directly to the Prime Minister and the President of India. They are our leaders, paid for by our tax money. If some skunks thought otherwise which cost Satyendra his life, chain those skunks, bobbitize them in public and left them to bleed to death.

Posted by: Honorable citizen, 06-12-2003 at 1728 hours IST

• Mr. Dubey’s murder

I feel it is almost top to bottom corruption including all govt officials right below the PM to the bottom. Those bunch of corrupt officials are destroying the very country in which their future generations will have to live and work. They are virtually uprooting the tree which is feeding them and will feed their next generations too. There should be a bunch of young gernerations ready to die for eliminating these corrupt folks. Police will not do anything. If these dedicated youths can punish these officials with their own hand, we will see very positive results.

Posted by: T.K. Mukherjee, 06-12-2003 at 1704 hours IST

• This boy deserves a medal.

Stories like this sadden every Indian who reads them. At least now the PM can do something make amends. Make him a hero who is recognised by every little child in the country. Award him a medal for losing his life being upright. Make him an example to be emulated. Don’t let others who want to do the same back off seeing what happened to him. Let not the bad guys win. Satyameva jayathey!

Posted by: J S, 06-12-2003 at 1636 hours IST

• SK Dubey …..

There is no derth of incompetent and inefficient officials in all spheres of life. Hiring and promoting undeserving people under reserve categories have given rise to such a heneious level of irresponsibility. Its tragic that we have accepted ‘corruption’ as a way of life and its true in all levels of achelones and powers that be.

Posted by: Dr AC Kumar, 06-12-2003 at 1518 hours IST

• How to overcome such disaster

Can the PMO now come out with a solution to avoid such leakage of whistle-blowers’ name by giving wide publicity to the websites and email id of PMO et al, where such gross plundering of national wealth and similar information can be posted. Intelligence agencies need to advise the countrymen at large on how to protect one’s identity while exposing such irregularities. Else, there will be very few or no exposures of any evil perpetrated on the Country.

Posted by: Aravind, 06-12-2003 at 1415 hours IST

• sk dubey’s murder

shocked and dismayed to say the least.careless and unconcerned attitude of the officers who are away from all the action in field should be seriouly viewed.a deterrent punishment ,say life imprisonment in such cases should be given in such cases to the guilty who contributed ,may be unknowingly,to the murder of an honest and upright officer.

Posted by: vijay, 06-12-2003 at 1320 hours IST

• s.k.dubey murder

it reflects corruptions in upper circle of govt.of india

Posted by: j.p.singh, 06-12-2003 at 1300 hours IST


In This MASSIVE POPULATED Country, to Find a HONEST Upright Man, is RARE, then also, the EFFORT His Parents Took to Cultivate VALUES in this MAN, with EDUCATION Bill Running In One’s LIFE SAVING ( I.I.T.) and Throwing away a GOVT: JOB ,and The MOST PRECIOUS ( LIFE) of The Person EXPOSING, what Has The GOVT: LOST NOTHING, some Files and Additional Papers, with Ink Signatures. WHO WOULD PAY THE PRICE FOR NATIONAL MORALITY./??? If The Culprits are Not BOOKED BIHAR GOVT: Would LOOSE its NEXT GOVT:.

Posted by: Ravi Sharma, 06-12-2003 at 1139 hours IST

• We are waiting to see progress…

The job of the investigators is now clear – it was reported that the police had two angles to pursue, including one of “robbery”. It seems clear that the “robbery” angle MUST be dropped.

Posted by: Ramkumar Perumal, 06-12-2003 at 1041 hours IST

• Satyendra Dube

It is really sad that a high official in the Government had reprimanded an honest official for having written to the PM directly. This shows, how much the Babu culture has spread in this country. It does not matter whehter you tell the truth or not. It does not matter even if an innocent officer or a group of people are killed. Only procedures have to be followed. The legacy of babudom left by the British is still killing the country. It is tme our IAS babus (gloriefied clerks – what else) are trained to see reason and purpose behind the actions of fellow officers rather than follow procedures and thereby sacrifice the very purpose for which they have been appointed. Narayanan

Posted by: K. Narayanan, 06-12-2003 at 0726 hours IST

• Dont make us cry

Oh no. Please stop and give us time to cry.

Posted by: Justin, 06-12-2003 at 0722 hours IST

• Leak the vigilance officer’s name!!

I wish IE would “Leak” the name of the name of the idiotic vigilance officer who instead of taking Satyendra Dubey’s letter seriously, actually reprimanded him. An enquiry should be immediatedly instituted if the concerned officer was on the pay-roll of the Mafia.

Posted by: Sunil, 06-12-2003 at 0712 hours IST

• Dubey – the true ‘honarable’

In his second letter, the honest citizen addressed the authorities as ‘Hon’ble Sir’. NO ONE IN THE GOVT IS HONARABLE. Citizens fo India, stand up and fight if you want true freedom. But be careful of the ‘Hon’ble’ ones.

Posted by: Sapna R, 06-12-2003 at 0650 hours IST

• many more stories to come.

It is a very sad story of a young man who had whole of his life in front of him.Sachai Ka Mool Nahin,Chup Hoja Kuch Bhool Nahin. Thank you

Posted by: A reader, 06-12-2003 at 0543 hours IST

• Disgusting to the guts

Reprimanded !!!! Sure he should have been reprimanded. What right did he have to snatch the luxurious cars and women out of the hands of the contractors and his boses for a petty goal like the Golden Quadrilateral. Sure he should have been reprimanded for being so dumb as to trust the PMO. How could he have done that ? Are not the people who clear the JEE really bright. Sure he should have been reprimanded for being Satyendra.

Posted by: Borun Dev Chowdhury, 06-12-2003 at 0450 hours IST


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