Momentum of martyr SKD not converted to MOVEMENT for WHISTLEBLOWERS by SKDF

Dictator AMAN

Ashutosh Aman writes:

The Foundation was found in the memory of Satyendra. 

Beyond that dedication,

it has no connection to the family what so ever.

So, as a sole director, 

I take decision as to what activity to  pursue and 

how to allocate the funds.

DKD, This states that AMAN can do anything AMAN wants.

What AMAN is telling YOU even now will not happen !

Just like Buyers Be Aware !!

Listners of AMAN Be Aware!

Retracting YOUR STATEMENT is not going to change any one's mind.

It ADDS more problems !!!!!


Former SKDF writes:

Never known Dhananjay, only seen press statements!

I doubt however he will flip-flop after the long-held
position from feb to may 06 documented online for posterity.

Flip-flopping would subject himself to suspicion
what "else" suddenly motivated the family into
the "retraction" business considering SKD's legacy
of sacrifice for sticking to his values and letters.

I'd shudder to see DKD make one mistake and forever
forsake the safe, moral corner the tragedy put him into!
He'll spend rest of his life trying to live down
the flip-flop and be considered a person without

One wishes for him — more importantly so the
legacy of SKD in public imagination may not be
replaced with cynicism — that DKD remains steadfast
for the reasons he must have had long before VMK,
me and others got into this.

Keeping silent or floating trial baloons will
only feed suspicion about his position. He has
one last silver bullet left: disown the email
written by someone else in his name and reassert
his position.

Otherwise, god bless him!


SKDF member writes

We all are wondering why DKD has failed to deny the
letter of his retraction by so called his friend. Is
he under some duress,

How can anyone who has lost a brother and family a son
can allow Mr. Aman to declare that he used the name of
his roommate and class mate for his own purposes.He is
implying that he has bought the family with
collections for which he is unwilling to account for.

Is this possible that DKD and family which is keeping
quite has been told that any documentary produced and
if shown profit will be also given to them.

It send shivers in my spine to read such ideas, Is
this the reason why PIL was not filed properly because
SKDF had no intention to fight the case. Why
there is no mention of any enquiry. what is the main
purpose and why was SKDF quite when theMARTYR name was
being used to malign others. What kind of set up is

This sends a signal to ther Mafia in India that one
can be killed and money collected can be paid to
family and you can all do your deed. This is why AA
implied that DKD who told him to shut down the
foundation asnd us we started digging skeltons are
with Mafgia.

Maybe DKD should find out who is Mafia.
He and us or AA

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