Momentum of martyr SKD not converted to MOVEMENT for WHISTLEBLOWERS by SKDF

FALSE Promises by AB

FALSE PROMISES by SKDF promoter Atal Bansal – What did ATAL do ??

What happened to PRIVATE INVESTIGATION as promissed by SKDF ???

From: <atalb@…>
Date: Tue Dec 2, 2003  10:04 am
Subject: If PMO cannot do anything i propose a Private investigation

If the PMO cannot do anything I propose a PRIVATE investigation funded by us…..We should use the help of Gaya SP, Sanjay Singh a batch mate.

AtalAtal Bansal
Chetu, Inc.
(305) 825 1818 x 102

From: "Atal Bansal" <atalb@…>
Date: Thu May 20, 2004  8:25 am
Subject: Re: About Reliance Group atalbansal
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Agreed. Samir had through, personal emails CCd to me, asked Mr.Deshpande to do the same. Let us then pick up the Reliance threadwhen we get the Document(s) from Mr. Singh or Mr. Deshpande.

As far as your qn. goes why only Reliance and not Infosys? I am notsure. But that again does not mean Reliance is corrupt. Let us accusethem with hard-core eveidences and not emotions. Try going to a Courtand putting your emotional outbursts before proof….It won't work.In this case, it could very well be an unsatisifedconsumer/competitor/ex-employee etc. etc.

Patrika plan: We are looking for getting a PO Box 'presence' in Indiawhich will allow non-netizens to join the Foundation. My ultimateintention would be to flood the news outlets with anti-corruptionnews bulletins, exposures etc. etc. But again to do all that we needto gather resources, pull up our contacts and contribute.

Can you/somebody also find out details about any Printing House thatmight be able to print monthly newsletters, stamp and mail them tovarious folks in the govt., ministries, private/public individualsetc. We can raise money for this cause once we know an estimate from such an entity.


From: "Atal Bansal" <atalb@…>
Date: Wed Dec 3, 2003  6:38 am
Subject: Re: great idea


I can only guess how close Satyendra was to you and the '94batch…I offer my heartfelt condolences. Please let us not let havehis sacrifice go in vain.

Please let me know if you need any volunteers for the legwork to:

1) Setup the non-profit Foundation in his name (I am in the US andcan do so here). I believe it will mean setup for the Foundation asan entity, bank account for people to deposit money to, site with a section for whistle blowers assuggested by Nilesh.

2) We could use the site as the tracking tool for the investigation

3) Yes Tehelka did go down but as has been clearly identified theywent after the upper layer (i.e. the ministry)….I would attack themid-layer and use the upper layer to our benefit (i.e project the Ministers as our friends against corruption and go after the contractors and stuff)….Kinda like Sumo wrestling where you use the opponents weight to his disadvantage and bring him down.

Whatever happens we need Justice….Honestly, I would not trust the Indian Govt. to do anything except throw couple of statements to the media. We will have to act ourselves and show them they really messed with the wrong folks.

IITK '95 batch

From: "Atal Bansal" <atalb@…>
Date: Wed Dec 3, 2003  7:59 am
Subject: Re: need a lawyer and someone with setting up trust/fund in US

I volunteer to get this done.. However, if there is any lawyer whocan come forward it'll be great.

Also, am contacting a friend who makes documentary to see what we cando for doc./TV ad.


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