Momentum of martyr SKD not converted to MOVEMENT for WHISTLEBLOWERS by SKDF

What a Waste

 Members suggestions goes to WASTE

AB n AA n KP – Let down SKDF down the drain !!! Look at these  suggestions by members !

NOTHING to show for now in SKDF !!

From: "sankrant2" <Sankrant@…>
Date: Tue Dec 2, 2003  12:59 pm
Subject: What is the foundation fighting for?

How can one really honor the death of someone who stood up to thesystem?

By making sure that it becomes a rallying point for changing thesystem. So it will be good for the foundation to define its goalsclearly with which it can measure success and failure and rallypeople around it. Here are some suggestions:

0. One objective appears to be to help Dubey's family financially.This is fine and should be done, but that will hardly be sufficient to honor his death.

1. DUBEY ACT. Creating a whistleblower act, to be called the "Dubeyact" to protect and reward honest officials who are fighting thesystem.

2. BIHAR CLEANUP. Bihar looks like a state that desperately needs help to free its people from the nexus of corrupt politicians andcriminals. It is not clear that the democratic process can do it since that itself has become thoroughly corrupted. Perhaps president's rule for a period of time to implement a clean-up plan is the way to go.

These are already sufficiently large objectives. Refining andimplementing these can be a seed for foundation activities.

If we canachieve 1 and 2 then Dubey's death could be the catalyst for thechange he gave his life for. That would be true honor.


From: "sbskp" <sbskp@…>
Date: Tue Dec 2, 2003  6:12 pm
Subject: Re: What is the foundation fighting for?


As Sankrant said, the real tributes to SK Dubey's supreme sacrificeshould not be wasted and we need to work for reforms in our systems.

There are already some groups working for decriminalization ofpolitics and trying to eleminate the menace of corruption. I amworking for one of those groups called Lok Satta, an org started byanother honest IAS officer Dr. Jayaprakash Narayan who quit hisservice and started this to reform the system.

We can all work together and try to achieve some measurable goals.Then only there will be a meaning for SK Dubey's ultimate sacrifice.

Please let me know if I can do anything

Krishna Sriramagiri

From: Suresh Venkatasubramanian <suresh@…>
Date: Tue Dec 2, 2003  1:15 pm
Subject: Re: [skdubeyFoundation] Defining foundation objectives

A good list of suggestions. I would like to amend 1. slightly: justice forhim is a laudable goal: completion of the project itself is notnecessarily something that is critical. He was killed for identifyingcorruption in the process: that does not necessarily mean the actualhighway project itself is noteworthy. Moreover, it appears that at leastsome groups have issues with the highway project (or its sideeffects) andthere is no need to get entangled with those kinds of controversies.

Suresh Venkatasubramanian,
Ph: 973 360 8951 (o)
Member, Technical Staff   
AT&T Shannon Labs

From: "ruchirtewari" <ruchir_tewari@…>
Date: Wed Dec 3, 2003  2:37 am
Subject: Re: Defining foundation objectives

I think that while it is ok to target corruption in general,it is desirable to bring special focus to a publicly visible,measurable project which is affected by the corruption.Otherwise we may be fighting the windmills.

We should also be rather cautious about going head to headagainst the government or otherwise making governmentofficials look bad.

The example of Tehelka serves as a warning. Tehelka fought corruptionas well. There was a lot of media coverage and evidence for theiraccusations, but finally the entire effort was crushed and mired inconspiracy theories.  This was possible because the corruptiontargetted was in defense arena – an area not available for publicscrutiny. Also they went head to head with the government andpublicly embarrased the then (and current) defence minister.Whether the parties in question were guilty or not did notultimately matter. As Tehelka website says, their efforts werecrushed by the Kafkaesque hand of the government. Another lessonfrom Tehelka is that we must choose our methods carefully – ifopen to legal scrutiny for example, they should be absolutelyclean.

I can think of no better project to focus on than the one Satyendraworked hard for and gave his life for. It is publicly visible andof great importance to the development of the region.It is also an engineering project, which fits well withSatyendra's and our own background. What good is IT going tobring, if civil engineering projects are in such trouble ?If we engineers do not stand up for a nationally importantengineering project, then who will ?

We must emphasise why that project is important and what itsbenefits are. We must apply pressure so that it is completed in areasonable timeframe. We must demand that it be named the SKDubeyhighway. Instead of working for the motivation of revenge orpunishing the guilty, I think we should try to make SKDubey's dreamproject come true. Otherwise we may win the battle but lose the war.Somewhat like scoring big in JEE chem, yet not making the cut.

This issue here is perhaps more one of social engineering than theengineering we were taught. But that, I feel, is the essence of thefight before us. I hope we can rise up to the challenge.-


From: Krishna Sriramagiri <sbskp@…>
Date: Wed Dec 3, 2003  3:04 am
Subject: Re: [skdubeyFoundation] Re: Defining foundation objectives

This is exactly what I have been saying. Unless we fight against the root causes of corruption we can not tackle these issues. Tehelka and others create some sensation but in the long run they do not work.

We must fight for

1. stopping criminals becoming MPs and MLAa
2. Transaparency in campaign funding — why MPs are spending so much money if they don't get anything back. This is where politician- Contractors nexus will come. We should break it
3. Judicial systems should be reformed — Unless criminals are given quick punishments, they do not care about courts . At present simple cases go on for years.
4. Better instruments of accountability should be established.

Please think it over. It is a long fight but we must fight it out.

with best regards
Krishna Sriramagiri

From: "nbkhsgyg" <nbkhsg-india@…>
Date: Wed Dec 3, 2003  6:46 am
Subject: Re: Defining foundation objectives

Corruption in Indian society is a very complex and multi-dimensionalproblem. The problem is so deep rooted that only through sustainedefforts on long term basis results (if any) can be achieved.

I suggest following objectives for the foundation:

1. Justice and rehalibitation for SK Dubey's family

2. Commission a fund and system to help/support for governmentofficals who are fighting corruption and require assistance.  They maybe few – but all SK Dubeys out there deserve help and support. Thiswill encourage those honest and sincere officials who otherwise mayprefer to keep quiet due to fear of reprisal.

3. Campaign for legal reform so that our legal system is strengthnedagainst corruption.

4. Public education for fight against corruption.

One of the root cause of corruption in India is apathy towards theproblem of corruption – particularly amongst educated people.  If SKDubeys' sacrifice can help rally people together to fight againstcorruption in India – it will be the best homage to the departed soul.Regards,-Nilesh
 Meeting Minutes of the Teleconference call held on 3th
Dec 2003

 — In, Apoorv Saxena
<apoorv_saxena@…> wrote:

Meeting Minutes of the Teleconference call held on 3th
Dec 2003

Time 10:30 – 12:00 pm (Eastern Standard time, USA)

Atal Bansal (USA)
Ashutosh Aman  (USA)
Apoorv Saxena (USA)
Ashish (USA)
Manish Verma (USA)
Nilesh (Singapore)
Ruchir (USA)
Sudhir (USA)
Sriram (USA)
Shartendu Goswami (USA)

Business Meeting:
Meeting was called to order at 8:30pm (EST) by Atal
The minutes were recorded by Apoorv Saxena.

The meeting started with a one-minute silence to offer
condolences for the sacrifice of Mr. S. K. Dubey in
the fight against corruption.

Meeting Agenda:
1)    Discuss objectives of the foundation
2)    Discuss setting up of the foundation
3)    Discuss Media coverage

Topics Discussed:

Objectives of the foundation that were discussed are:
Short term:
1)    To provide financial help to the family of Mr. S.
K. Dubey
2)    To bring to justice the people involved in the
3)    To generate public awareness of this issue through
Long term:
1) Fight for the eradication of corruption.
2) Campaign for legal reforms

Efforts so far:
Manish Verma 
a) is working with Federation of India Association's
(FIA) Jagdish Patel  to send letter to PM and other
govt of India institutions.
b) talked with a journalist at Times of India to get
traction with them.
c) is also trying to get in touch with Bhism Agnihotri
: India's ambassor to USA
d) talked to a IAS and his concern was using PMO to
put pressure on the state government could be counter
productive, so it is important to keep State
government in the loop.

Ashish made the point that we should not restrict
ourselves to FIA but talk to other organization too.

Use of Funds:
Aman brought out the point of how to use the funds:
Funds should be used to
·    Financially help the family of S.K. Dubey
·    To campaign for legal reforms
·    To generate public awareness

Working with other Organizations:
·    Apoorv pointed out that we should be collaborate
with other NPOs like Loksatta that are fighting for
similar cause.
·    Aman suggested to take help from the
government/bureaucracy (IAS officer/ministers)
·    Ruchir brought out the point that it is difficult to
accept help from bureaucracy since they are the ones
who are involved in mishandling of the letter.
·    Manish pointed out that the NRI community does not
have significant influence on government directly. So
they need to work through media to put pressure on the

Issue of Bounty hunters was discussed, with no
concrete conclusion.

Sudhir suggested to get public figures in Industry
like Narayan Murthy to issue statements on this
Apoorv said he is working with IITB alumni
organization to get people like Vinod Khosla issue

The type of financial help to the family was

Manish will use his contacts with pressure groups to
mobilize efforts in that direction

Sriram asked about the funds that are being deposited
to the paypal weblink on the site.
Amans clarified that at present money stays in pay pal
account and these funds are not routed anywhere.

Apoorv brought out the point that the organization
should also fight for the Witness protection act
(Whistleblower Act).

Atal said that registering the NPO should be done in
two days. He will look into seeking tax exemption for
the NPO.

Aman pointed out two things:
1)    If  a person wants to send money to Dubey's family
he/she should use the IITK website
2)    For donating money to the foundation, the paypal
link should be used.

Gosami brought out the point that because this
organization has a political overtone, we might not be
eligible to be called as charitable organization that
is needed to be tax exempt.

All agreed that this issues need to be resolved by
working with an attorney.

Apoorv pointed out that we need to have an open
discussion on the mailing list for the next couple of
weeks to get the objective (vision and mission) of the
foundation firmed up.

Gosami said that it is important to organize protest
amongst the local people (from S.K. Dubey's village)
to further this cause. This would be more effective in
getting justice, as the local politician will take

Atal pointed out that Sanjay Singh (SP investigating
this murder) should be a key player but it was felt
that he should keep a low profile because he might
under threat himself.

The issue of asking for CBI investigation was raised
with no concrete conclusion.

Main Summary:
Objectives of the foundation:
Short term:
4)    To provide financial help to the family of Mr. S.
K. Dubey
5)    To bring to justice the people involved in the
6)    To generate public awareness of this issue through
Long term:
1)    Fight for the eradication of corruption.
2) Campaign for legal reforms

Action Items:

Atal to talk to the attorney to look into the issue of
definition of charitable org and how to get tax

Atal to figure if pay pall account can be transferred
to other organization once it is created.

Atal will get in touch with somebody to make a
documentary on this issue.

Atal, Ashish, Aman to work together in registering the

Manish Verma to coordinate the pressure groups

Namit to coordinate the media coverage.

Sudhir to get in touch with people in Bangalore to
rope in public figures to issue statement on this

Apoorv to work with IITB alumni association here to
coordinate with their efforts

Apoorv to mobilize efforts for enacting the
Whistleblower Act.  

To prepare the first draft for the main vision and
objective of the organization and open it for
discussion. Get the final draft ready by end of next

Apoorv Saxena
Email address: apoorv_saxena@…


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